CHRISTMAS DECOR VLOG | + Sunday morning & skincare | Katrina S

WE GOT OUR FIRST TREE AS MR. AND MRS. How exciting!!! This was a day full of holiday cheer and face masking. Join us as we deck the halls and Andrew tries to pull me out from under the tree lmao

Thumbs up if you’re loving the vlogs! 🙂 xoxo

Empties (makeup/skincare/hair care) –… Honeymoon / Jamaica VLOG –…
Easy Fall Makeup –…


COOKING VLOG | Thanksgiving meal ft. Pinterest recipes | Katrina S

I DID IT! I successfully managed to cook a *semi* Thanksgiving meal without the help of my mom for the first time ever. Shout-out to her falling for the “how long do you microwave a turkey” joke that was going around the internet LMAO love you mom. I’m proud of the outcome and it was a fun experience I hope to repeat – minus the kitchen aid mixing bowl spinning off its base

Lmk if you want to see more vlogs because even I am entertained by my life

Mashed Potatoes –…
Green Bean Casserole –…
Garlic Honey Glazed Carrots –…
Gravy –…
Apple Spiced Cookies w/ Cream Cheese Frosting –…

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Beauty Haul Update –…

WEAR TEST | CYO Long Lasting Lifeproof Foundation + foundation routine | Katrina S

HEY THERE – welcome back. This is my very first foundation routine and wear test video – lmk what y’all think! I loved filming it and I think it’ll help out some oily skin gals looking for a few affordable options 😉


FACE: CYO Long Lasting Lifeproof Foundation in 101 – $7.00 found at Walgreen’s
Makeup Revolution Full Coverage Concealer in C1- $7.00 found at Ulta
Coty Airspun Loose Setting Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Essence Cosmetics Satin Blush in Satin Love

BRUSHES (in order mentioned):
Sonia Kashuk makeup blender sponge for foundation/concealer
Aesthetica P12 for loose setting powder
*bronzer brush I found randomly at TJ Maxx – sorry I wish I knew*
Luxie tapered highlighter brush for blush


Come Hang on YouTube | Katrina S

I finally have a YouTube account! And I’d love if you stopped by to hang out. Let me know what you think as I am open to video ideas and recommendations.

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I love to meet new people!
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Putting a Spotlight on Casey Holmes x Smashbox Highlighter

“See what I did there with the title… SPOTLIGHT palette… get it???”

This post is way overdue – I totally get that. But if there’s one thing we all agree on, it’s probably a bangin’ highlighter palette review am I right?

First off I shamelessly want to say I’m obsessed with Casey Holmes. Everything she stands for. If you are not already watching her on YouTube, I’m going to conveniently plug her channel here. If there were ever a time to kick back, crack a cold one, and chill out on a Friday night – it would be with Casey Holmes.

But enough about that we can get to the good stuff. Casey’s collaboration with Smashbox Cosmetics is this Spotlight Highlighter palette (mine is the pearl palette but there’s also a gold for deeper skin tones). The “lightest” or rather “most natural” shade is turn it on, middle intensity is crank it up and your clubbin’ highlight is blow a fuse (formulated with the most sparkle).

This palette is GORGEOUS. I think the easiest way to lay it out will be pros and cons.


  • blends like a dream – I am not left looking like I applied a streak of highlight to my face
  • the shade turn it on gives a beautiful glow yet is subtle enough to look from within
  • the ability to go from soft glow to ultra glam in one palette
  • the versatility to use as a highlighter or shimmer shade on your eyes
  • melts into your skin
  • intensifies even more with a setting spray applied first


  • tbh the only thing I was thinking this entire time was the cost but when you think about it, you get three incredible shades for $35.00 and this will last you longer than a year – WORTH. IT.

So those are my thoughts! I don’t think you can go wrong to purchase this highlight as each shade is smooth and buttery, worthy of its own attention. This palette gives you the option to stay subtle or glow to the heavens. All at a cost that makes sense and somewhat supports an incredible influence in the YouTube realm.

My hat’s off to you, Casey Holmes.


KS Loves

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Mini Colourpop Haul: ft. Kathleen Lights “Dream Collection”

“I purchased this before I even watched
her YouTube video debuting the collection #invested”


Update: I filmed a little tut for the first time ever on my Instagram in case you’d like to see a look with this eyeshadow palette!

I.. AM.. SO.. EXCITED! … to be writing about this collection.

Full Disclaimer: I did not buy the entire collection (I skipped out on the gloss and orange-red lippie). Instead, I bought her Dream St. eyeshadow palette and Dreamy satin lip.

TheseImage result for clap emoji productsImage result for clap emoji doImage result for clap emoji notImage result for clap emoji disappoint.


I was already a huge fan of Colourpop’s satin lips.
Reasons why:

  • $6
  • creamy, satin-y finish
  • pigment that lasts for hours
  • insane selection of colors

IMG_20171226_130725 IMG_20171226_131528

This was, however, my first eyeshadow purchase *gasp* I know, idk how I lasted so long without buying eyeshadow from this brand but alas, here we are. And guess what, they’re as good as the YouTubers say they are – they weren’t lying. The pigment is there, blendibility too, the price point is better than you could “dream” of.. ha ha ha.


But really, this collection is not something to “sleep” on – LMAO.

And as if these purchases didn’t already seal the deal, this Flexitarian super shock cheek highlighter came in to steal the show – LIKE HOLY S*#@, it’s flex’n good.

  • it’s creamy
  • it blends
  • it highlights to the Gods



I approve their lippie stix, satin lips, eyeshadows, and highlighters. I’ve heard great things about their concealers and brushes. Needless to say, this won’t be my last purchase from them.

Round of applause for Colourpop and Kathleen Lights Image result for clap emoji

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Carli Bybel’s $100k Goal for Cambodia

“It may have been small, but I made my contribution.”


So if you haven’t heard, Carli Bybel is launching her own makeup line, called Pranava Beauty. BUT FIRST, she released four bracelets in hopes of raising $100k in a month to present a number of young girls in Cambodia with scholarships to help them further their education.

The secret’s out – she did it!

I have a newfound respect for Carli, because now she isn’t just a YouTuber. Which is already a full-blown 24/7 job. She stands for something much larger than makeup, and that is someone looking to inspire the world, and not just by speaking, but acting on it.

Her first release on her website are the Charity Bracelets, which stand for: hope, energy, balance and serenity. The bracelets retail at $20.00, and shipping is $4.95 (if I remember correctly). The bracelet shipped quickly and arrived fast as well, and that was after thousands of people pre-ordered before the shipping date.

I chose serenity – which “comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.”


I think these bracelets have great meaning behind them, considering you are helping girls in another country receive professional education. And it’s a great reminder on your wrist to keep yourself in the right mindset. Not to mention, it’s stunning AF.


I thought the price point was on par for these bracelets (similar to Carli’s affordable eyeshadow palettes), and was sold after watching her YouTube video introducing the brand and what it stood for.

Are you a Carli fan and did you buy one of these as well? What are your thoughts?! I’m interested to hear what other’s think.. outside stalking the YouTube comments on the video hahaha

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The Blue Sky Tag! <3

Hi friends! I have been nominated to complete the Blue Sky Tag in the blogosphere world by Anne from Beauty by a Dutch Girl. Please don’t hesitate to comment on any of my answers if you have questions or something to say that relates! I’d love to hear what you all think of my responses.

Anne, thanks for the nomination! I’m excited to dive into these questions, and loved reading more about you on your post here. Thanks for sharing all of that info, including your addiction to sushi! Haha. xoxo.


Thank the person who nominated you.
Answer the 11 questions.
Tag 11 people.
Give them 11 questions to answer.

What is your favorite makeup brand?
If I had to choose a favorite makeup brand that I had to purchase from for the rest of my life, I think I would choose Wet n Wild. They have a wide shade range of foundation, amazing liquid lipsticks that are $5, and a killer selection of gel lip liners for $2.99. I am very pleased with the Wet n Wild products I do have, and really appreciate an affordable drugstore brand.

Who is your favorite YouTuber?
I seriously don’t know that I could pick one! Top three: Jaclyn Hill, Casey Holmes, and Kathleen Lights. However, for different reasons. I die for Jaclyn’s makeup artistry skills and sassy attitude, Kathleen’s bloopers, and Casey’s drugstore tutorials.

Where do you really want to travel to?
I have recently been considering this myself! I have never been out of the United States. I know… and no, I don’t live under a rock, though it seems like it haha! First I would really like to travel west in the US. I would love to visit California, Arizona, and Colorado.

Which language(s) do you speak? English. I can read my fair share of Spanish, but it’s difficult for me to speak it.

What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?
I eat the same exact thing every night throughout the week: pasta, chicken, and asparagus (or some other type of vegetable). I’m soooo basic, I know.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Anything with peanut butter! But I don’t like chocolate ice cream.

What is your favorite Social Media to use? Snapchat! Those filters, doe.

Why did you start blogging? (tell us in less than 50 words)
I really wanted to share my thoughts! More importantly, I wanted to find others with similar skin issues, favorite makeup products, and skincare routines that I might benefit from too. It’s really cool hearing opinions/reviews and incorporating that into my daily routine.

What is the last movie you saw? Get Out – and it was PHENOMENAL.

How much time do you spend on/with your blog in a day? (making blogposts, commenting/liking other blogs)
Probably a couple hours. I’ll pop on it here and there at work, and sometimes before bed to read posts and comment!

What is the worst fashion-mistake you’ve ever made?
In 8th grade I wore around this pink Coca-Cola shirt, tucked it into jeans, and wore a pink belt to match. Smh.


Lipstick shades: nude or bold?
Favorite YouTuber and why.
What was your very first makeup blog post about?
Tea or coffee?
If you could quit your day job/schooling for blogging, would you?
Have you considered creating a YouTube channel, and why or why not?
Favorite skincare product.
Favorite thing to do on the weekend.
Favorite place to shop.
What was the last concert you attended?
Describe your blog in three words.


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I hope everyone enjoyed this to some extent! Like I said, please comment if you share any of my interests or have any questions. I love hearing from everyone. 🙂

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Magical Makeup Monday: Carli Bybel Palette & Swatches

“Carli has me hooked on her YouTube channel and now her eyeshadow palette.”


I feel like the Carli Bybel palette was custom-made for me. Where my blue-eyed girls at? And green? Can’t forget brown and hazel, because this palette is made for anyone. I love the transition from light and creamy shades to medium brown and dark plum. Not to mention the four highlighting shades ranging from a very light pinky tone to a deep bronzy gold. I have yet to touch the green shade in this palette, but that’s just a personal preference (haven’t found how to use green shadow with blue eyes yet). Give me time… or suggestions!

For those of you who haven’t watched Carli Bybel on YouTube yet, I will obviously link her channel. She. Is. A. Queen. And so fun to watch doing makeup tutorials. I also quite enjoy her skincare regimens and monthly favorites, as she’ll incorporate prices of everything right into her videos! Carli does a lot of dramatic looks, but will feature some stripped-down eye looks on her channel as well. I never get bored watching her, and her cats, and occasional cameo appearances of her boyfriend.

But enough about her <3… back to the palette.


The consistency of these shadows are beautiful, and blend wonderfully on the eyes. They are also v pigmented, so you won’t need to use a lot, and might want to tap your brush off before applying. I apply the lighter/shimmery shadows to the inner corners of my eyes with my fingers, as I notice they hold pigment the best that way. If you are used to spraying your brush with facial spray to enhance pigment, that works really well too!

Below are the eyeshadow swatches, starting with the top left corner of the palette to the bottom right, going across each row from left to right.

Indoor Lighting
Natural Lighting

With colors ranging from light to dark, Carli made it very easy to go from daytime to nighttime in one palette. You can keep it simple by adding a matte brown to your crease for a little depth, or go smokey by incorporating the dark mauve/plummy shades. Personally, my favorite tutorial on this palette is by Carli herself for her go-to look.

Below are the four highlighter shades from left to right.

Indoor Lighting
Natural Lighting

The highlighting shades probably take the cake for me in this palette. A lot of times, I find myself using the first two from the left side of the palette on the inner corners of my eyes for a pop of shimmer. The two darker gold/copper shimmer shades are stunning on the inner corner of the eye, and hold amazing pigment. Otherwise, they make great highlights on the tops of your cheeks, as they are meant to do!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this palette and what you think. Am I missing an eyeshadow combo from the colors available? Link me to your favorite Carli Bybel palette tutorial if you have one – I’m excited to expand my horizons!

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Magical Makeup Monday: The World of YouTube

“Where did the last five hours go?”

That’s right, fam, we’re diving into the dense world of YouTube. The realm of endless tutorials, the platform for thousands of beauty vloggers, and an outlet to explore your makeup curiosity.

I have to discuss YouTube because it is where my interest to create this blog stemmed from. I first started with Jaclyn Hill, and made my way to KathleenLights, then Carli Bybel and RachhLoves. The queens. It’s easy to get lost in a smokey eye or nighttime skincare routine, even a blazing highlight with Jaclyn’s Champagne Pop or Kathleen’s collaboration with Makeup Geek. Quickly, you’ll notice a video of intrigue turn into hours of fascination.

I began catching up on old videos: the most popular tutorials and foundation routines. Then I’d check out the original videos where the YouTuber was just starting out; it’s incredible to see the transformation. The improved dialogue of a video and quality of content kept me searching for more. Now I am subscribed to all of these incredible people sharing not only makeup routines, but their life stories. I feel slightly insane considering these online personalities my friends, but it’s hard not to. I wait for the weekly updates and new uploads with the rest of the crowd.

The best thing to come from my YouTubing is the organization of what I like to call my “Makeup Haul.” This is a Google doc I created to keep my wants/needs in check (see “MMM: The Makeup Obsession is Real” for a partial screenshot of what that looks like – detailed blog post to come). Essentially, this is where I detail in categories the products I want to buy and try out over time. If I’m going on a haul – and by haul I mean mini splurge within my means – I will take the day prior to shopping to highlight in yellow my top contenders for purchase. If I tried memorizing every product in a favorites video or Ipsy bag, I wouldn’t be able to function at my day job, ya feel?

I’m sure by now you’re like, “Okay, get to the point.”

My hope is that you will try watching a few videos. What interests you? Full foundation routines? Check out Jaclyn’s. Makeup kit for beginners? RachhLoves has that for you. If you’re looking for great reviews and a sense of humor, you can head to KathleenLights’ page. I guarantee there is a channel for you.
In fact, I stumbled onto this tool recently:
This website takes your hair and eye color, skin tone, and skin undertone and matches you with a beauty blogger or YouTuber! Sometimes following the right beauty guru can help you better understand your own skin.

So that’s my YouTube story! Thanks for tuning in to the beginning of my blogging story.

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PS – leave me a comment below if you have a favorite YouTuber I didn’t mention! I’m always looking for new inspiration.