FabFitFun | Spring 2019 | Aromatherapy, Quay sunnies, OUAI haircare + MORE

HEY THERE FAM JAM – what’s crack-a-lackin??? Having a good weekend? I’m here to make it even better. This is the 2019 spring FABFITFUN box! It’s fulllllll of goodies and I can’t wait to show y’all what I’m loving & not so much.

Thanks for spending some time with me XOXO

Unplug Meditation aromatherapy diffuser – $55.00
Trestique trio of eye makeup
The2Bandits Athens necklace – $30.00
Tula purifying facial cleanser – $28.00
Manna Kadar champagne charcoal body scrub – $34.95
OUAI leave-in conditioner – $26.00
Dr. Brandt needles no more eye gel – $42.00
Quay Vivienne sunnies in black/smoke – $60.00

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April/May IPSY Bag Review

“Two bag reviews in one post what the…”

I know. How TF did I miss April’s Ipsy bag review? Well, my friends, I have had a lot going on! LIFE was ringing at my doorbell.

But who cares about that – surely not my readers stopping by to check out some Ipsy bag reviews ūüėČ

Combining two bag reviews into one post has the potential to make for a very long read, and that’s not what I’m about – so, here comes the mega summary.

*disclaimer: I don’t have pictures of these products,
but feel free to see my review of each item below!*

¬†1. Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel ($30 full size) – this cooling gel was.. ok. Honestly, it felt exactly like putting aloe vera gel onto my skin. That’s right, the same aloe vera you can buy in the store for like $5.00. The Hanalei brand is pretty sticky when applied to the face, similar to regular aloe gel.
Bottom line: would I buy this from Hanalei? No, definitely not.

2. Ciate London Bamboo Bronzer ($28 full size) – this bronzer is nice! Definitely not a bad product, but nothing outstanding either. It blends nicely and the color selection was great for my skin tone (which is very light). Do I think it beats Physician Formula’s Butter Bronzer for $15? Absolutely not.
Bottom line: would I buy this from Ciate? No. You can get a similar bronzer at a more affordable price.

3. Hey Honey Besame Mucho lip balm ($14 full size) – I was not a fan of this lip balm. There are waaaay better lip balms on the market at a fraction of the price. When I put this on my lips, it felt slippery and almost slimy. This did not have a nice thick coating of moisture, as other lip balms do.
Bottom line: would I buy this from Hey Honey? No, but I would recommend Hanalei Lip Treatment or the Milani Oil Infused Lip Treatment as a great alternative!

4. Luxie Beauty Precision Foundation brush ($23) – I love these brushes! They never disappoint. Super soft, adorable colors (which make a great statement on any vanity), and always provide a great application.
Bottom line: would I buy other brushes from Luxie Beauty? Certainly!

5. Elizabeth Mott Show me your Glow Shimmer Shadow & Highlighter ($25 full size) – this is a fabulous product. The shade of highlight is spot on and the glow up is real.
Bottom line: would I buy this from Elizabeth Mott? I am considering it! For the size of the product, I think $25 is more on the reasonable side of pricing. Will continue to use my sample and mull it over.



1. Beauty & Pin-ups Fearless Hair Masque ($32 full size) РI really love this hair mask! It is luxurious, the scent is delicious but not overwhelming, and it left me with incredibly soft/silky hair. I felt like I had taken a trip to the spa.
Bottom line: would I buy this from Beauty & Pin-ups? If I was looking to splurge and gift myself a little prezzy, I most definitely would. I see this as worth the $$


2. Caked Makeup Lip Fondant in Low Key ($16 full size Рand I think we received full size!) Рthis matte lip cream was awesome! Dried down completely matte, passed the kiss-proof test, and wore very well. It took a couple swipes to get the color looking opaque, but once you built it up it looked like a dream. Enjoyable cupcake scent as well.
Bottom line: would I buy this from Caked Makeup? For the price point, yes!!

3. Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Intense Eyeshadow¬†($22.95) – this eyeshadow surprised me!¬†I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, and the color payoff is very real. Pleasantly surprised with this brand, as usually I’m a little “meh” about their items. Not this time, happy to have received this!
Bottom line: would I buy this from Jelly Pong Pong? I’d have to think about it, but for $22.95 and how small the pan is, probably not.

4. Urban Decay Afterglow in Sin ($26 full size) Рthis is a very nice, kind of powdery highlight from Urban Decay. Is it anything special and extraordinary? Not really. But definitely great quality and I would like to play around more with it on the tops of my cheekbones.
Bottom line: would I buy this from Urban Decay? Answer would be based on more experimentation.


5. Pixi in Petra Silky Eye Pen¬†($12) – gotta be honest, haven’t tried this yet. If it weren’t for Googling it just now and seeing the incredible price point, I might never have picked it up again. If it’s anything to call home about, you better believe I’ll let you know!

As always, thank you for reading! Did you receive any of the same products and have similar/different thoughts? Please let me know in the comments below! I love hearing about new makeup and other opinions.


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Blue Apron Recipe: Chicken Meatballs & Fregola Sarda

“WOW! We brought a restaurant prepared dish to our own home.”


This service is incredible. This is my first experience with a Blue Apron recipe, and it was chicken meatballs served over a fregola sarda pasta, mixed with kale and a tomato sauce. The flavors ranged from sweet raisins to garlic and it all blended wonderfully.

BEGINNER SUMMARY: If you’re not familiar with Blue Apron and the service they provide, it’s a “food subscription” of sorts. For $60.00/week (meals serving two people), you get three meals delivered to your house, all on the same day. If you look at it this way, each meal is $20.00, which doesn’t sound so bad considering you receive perfectly portioned fresh ingredients delivered directly to your doorstep. No more wasting an entire bottle of thyme you’ll never use, or the random sprinkle of cheese you needed but don’t plan to use up for the rest of the week.
**At any time, you can skip a week and forego the payment of that week as well. Similarly, you can also cancel at any time.

On with my first recipe, the chicken meatballs. I received a week of free meals from a friend of mine (huge shout-out to my hometown bestie, Monica!). xoxo

I first brought a pot of water to boil, and added the pasta. While that cooked, I prepared the kale by chopping it into bite-sized portions. You then have to heat up 1-2 tablespoons of cooking oil (in a separate pan) and toss in the kale, also including a clove of finely minced garlic.

Let this cook for about 3-5 minutes. Then add a freshly squeezed lemon to the mixture for an added zing!

Next, you’ll want to start preparing the chicken meatballs. You combine the necessary ingredients into a medium-sized bowl, and mix it all together with your hands! Furthermore, continue to make 10-12 meatballs to brown in your cooking pan.

Brown the meatballs on each side for roughly 2-3 minutes.

In the meantime, add the kale to your drained pasta and store in a warm place until we finish preparing the meatballs.


Then, add 1/2 cup of water and the tomato sauce, stewing your meatballs for an additional 5-7 minutes. In this time, your tomato sauce should be thickening while the meatballs are cooked thoroughly.

Once finished, split the pasta portion into two servings and top it with half of the meatballs/sauce. Garnish with the remaining parmesan cheese!

This recipe was incredible, and I would highly recommend this to a friend. I am keeping my recipe card, and plan to create this dish again someday. It is wonderful to have every ingredient delivered straight to your door, while not wasting excess ingredients you would buy in the grocery store. You can find the exact recipe here, but I will also post a picture of the front and back of my recipe sheet below.

Please let me know if you’ve tried this service before! I’d be so interested to see if anyone else finds it worth the $$, or whether there is something better I should look into.

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Magical Makeup Monday: March IPSY Review

“Depending on how you look at this bag, the glass if half full vs half empty.”


Hey friends! This month’s bag had a decent variety of products inside. We have some makeup and some skincare, as well as a hair conditioning treatment! If you’re interested in learning what Ipsy is all about, I’ve linked their website here.

Full size retails for $79.00.

I’m going to start with my¬†favorite product, and this may come as no surprise: the¬†Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator. This is the¬†most gentle exfoliant I have ever used. EVER. It actually comes out as a cream, but has the tiniest “gritty” feeling (for lack of better wording). The grainy-ness of this product is so gentle and it feels amazing when applied to the face. Once I rinsed this off, my skin felt squeaky clean and instantly softer as if I had moisturized at the same time!

I know the full-size is incredibly pricey, but I may be considering it should it prove its worth in the long run.

My second favorite product was the deep repair hair conditioning treatment¬†by Marc Anthony. This treatment contains aloe, jasmine, and sea kelp to help detangle and strengthen your hair throughout a 3-7 minute time span. I’ve used this twice and haven’t necessarily noticed a¬†huge¬†improvement, but you can’t beat the scent. This leaves my hair smelling fresh and easy to run my brush through.

A sample packet retails for $2.99.

Next on the list is the Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Vibin. I have mixed feelings about this product. It could just be the shade, but I’m not sure. The color isn’t my favorite, it’s a deep red with brownish hints to it. It seemed to apply just a tad streaky, and took a couple swipes to become opaque. I will say this: it doesn’t budge. You will need a certified liquid lip remover to get this off.
This retails for $20.00.

Next is the mPrincess pressed eyeshadow in the shade Chestnut. Gotta be honest here, I’m typically¬†underwhelmed with this brand. Furthermore, I could carry on with Ipsy bags¬†without this brand. I just don’t feel they offer anything better than their competition. I am never overly impressed or feel the urge to reach for their shadows. Personally, I feel that they lack pigment and blendability.
This retails for $15.45.

Lastly is the Beau Gachis Tapered Blending Brush. This brand is low-key and doesn’t disappoint! I have loved every brush I’ve received of theirs from Ipsy and will continue to use them. Since this one is a longer brush, it’s a little more “flimsy” so I have to work it a little for blending in the crease. Overall, solid brand with dependable brushes.

This retails for $12.00.

So that’s this month’s Ipsy bag! Have you found anything worth purchasing later on? Did you receive any of the same products I did? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! I’m always interested to see what others thought/received.

Don’t forget to review and rate your Ipsy products as a way to earn points towards choosing a FREE BONUS item in your next bag!

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