Facial Friday: My Skincare Routine!

“Let’s get into the routine which has become my daily grind.”


I have been meaning to do this post for awhile! Although, I wanted to tweak my routine before I got started. Prior to last year, I literally only used Cetaphil cleanser to wash my face. No face masks, no exfoliator, no handheld face massager, nothing. Just some plain old SOAP. And don’t get me wrong, that’s perfect for some people, but my skin needed help. So now I have a very different regimen, as I have become very serious about improving the texture and oiliness of my skin.

Quick breakdown: I have very oily skin, and it’s hard to keep it matte by noon. I typically don’t powder throughout the day because, well, honestly I don’t care what I look like at work. However, if I’m meeting up with the bf or going out after work, I certainly have to touch up so I don’t look like a shiny mess. Other than that, I don’t particularly have bad skin, but I definitely have problem areas (my chin and under my jawline).

To start: I cleanse. This is where I use my Solo Mio (full review here), which has quickly become my holy grail device. I will apply my Philosophy Purity facial cleanser to my face as I normally would, massaging it into the skin for a few seconds. Then I go in with my Solo Mio and cleanse my face for approximately a minute (focusing on each zone of my face for about 15 seconds).
*note: I do this twice daily, once in the morning and then again at night. Jaclyn Hill mentioned once in a skincare video that it is just as important to wash your skin when you wake up, as you release toxins and sweat while you sleep.


Next: exfoliate. I have been using and loving the Aveeno Daily Brightening Scrub which works wonders for shedding dead skin and dirt, as well as cleaning out my pores. I have to mention as well that this exfoliator is the best-smelling face product I have ever used! I massage this onto the face with my hands only so it is not too harsh on my skin.
*note: I do consider washing my face with the Solo Mio as a mild exfoliator, so I only use the Aveeno scrub every other night (and also nights when I apply face masks).


Lastly: moisturize.
– at night, I will follow my exfoliator with my Tarte Maracuja Oil (full review here), and I swear by this product now. A combination of my recent skincare routine and adding this face oil at night has completely transformed the texture of my skin and I have noticed the biggest difference. My skin has become so much easier to work with as far as makeup application is concerned.
– in the morning, I will follow my Philosophy face wash with a basic moisturizer from CVS, the Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer (good dupe for the Aveeno ultra calming daily moisturizer).


So that’s my daily skincare routine! I was considering including my face mask regimen here as well, but then figured I could dedicate an entire post to that. Let me know in the comments below if you found this helpful and use similar products! Is there anything I’m missing or should check out? As always, I’m open for discussion.

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Facial Friday: Solo Mio Face Cleanser

“So this is different.. but in a good way.”


Today’s review is the SOLO Mio Sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush that I ordered from Amazon for $37.95 right before Christmas. This vibrating cleanser is meant to “cleanse your face of all dirt, reduce pore size, erase fine lines, and exfoliate your skin with a single handheld device.” Gotta be honest here, I watched Kathleen Lights do a comparison review between the Solo Mio and Foreo Luna 2 on YouTube, and that is hands down why I purchased this. Who doesn’t love a good dupe?!

First and foremost, it will take you a couple tries to get used to this, especially if you’ve never used more than your fingers to clean your face before (like me).

But I wanted to take my skincare game to the next level, and for me, that meant a sonic face cleanser. The Solo Mio has these miniature silicone beads on the head of it that are smaller on the bottom half and medium-sized at the top. I have sensitive skin, and these beads do not irritate me at all. I do notice my cheeks get a little red, but that’s pretty typical of my skin when I do anything more than rub my fingers across it. Due to that fact, I only use this cleanser at night, and not in the mornings, though it does claim sensitive enough to use both morning and night.


I followed the instructions rather directly, and stuck to about 15 seconds on each section of my face (cheeks, chin/jawline, forehead, and on/around my nose). I first apply my face wash to my face with my hands, and then turn on the device to exfoliate. When you turn on the Solo Mio, the vibrations seem a little fast and harsh, so I click the minus symbol twice to slow it down to where it’s suitable for my skin. Run your Solo Mio’s surface under water first so that it is wet to help with a lather. I move in a counter-clockwise motion on the left side of my face, and clockwise on the right side of my face, sticking to one “section” at a time. Unlike the Foreo Luna 2, this device does not pause when you should move onto the next section of your face, so you’ll have to count in your head until the rhythm becomes a memory of pattern.

The different sized beads on the Solo Mio are meant for different parts of your face. The bulk of its surface is covered with the smallest beads, meant to exfoliate the majority of your face. At the top of the Solo Mio, there are bigger beads, helpful to tackle the sides of your nose and exfoliate the crevices in that area. The back of the device is for deep exfoliation. Personally, I have not used the back, and probably will not considering the device gently exfoliates/cleanses perfectly and I wouldn’t want to risk deep exfoliation on my sensitive skin.

I have now been using the Solo Mio for two weeks, and have not needed to charge it once. I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to hold a charge, but I am completely satisfied with it lasting at least two weeks without having to plug it in.

That completes this review! I LOVE THE SOLO MIO, and will continue to use it every night. I feel much cleaner than when I only used my hands before, and I really feel like the massaging effects of the device exfoliate and get down into my pores more than I could. I have been trying a lot of new skincare products, and I have noticed an improvement on the texture of my skin, though I can’t confirm it’s because of this device alone. However, this has become one of my necessities while traveling, and the packaging makes it great to pack while I’m away from home. Besides washing my face in the morning with my hands, I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of the Solo Mio. It is also a great investment in case you were interested in the Foreo Luna 2, so that’s a perk as well.
Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this product and what success you’ve had with it, if any! Do you have other favorites? Did you try this before splurging?

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