Sephora Spring SALE 2019 – peek inside my basket

Take a peek inside my SEPHORA checkout basket.

It’s that time of year! Well, there are two times a year Sephora has major insider sales like this one. Here’s the breakdown of member level and the discount you will receive.

  • Insiders will get 10% off their purchase
  • VIB members (this is where I fall into for the first time EVER – shocker lmao), will get 15% off
  • VIB Rouge (where we wish we could be, or maybe it’s good if we don’t qualify as that HAHA) it’s a whopping 20% off

From May 2nd-6th, both VIB and Insider level status can shop and use their discounts. It’s a pretty bangin’ deal because only twice a year you can get DISCOUNTS on high end brands (think: Tarte, IT Cosmetics, Too Faced, etc.) – fucking baller.

FIRST UP, and the most exciting purchase for me, I just want to talk about it first because I am SO HYPE for this one and it has been a long time coming. The one… the only…

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50 – $39.00 ($33.15 with VIB discount)

OH BABY. Oh baby. We are getting into the summer months folks. The weather is spicing up (spicing, is that a term?) – well it is now. It’s getting hot and ya girl wants less CAKE on her FACE. Leading me to finally try, for the first time ever, the IT Cosmetics CC cream. This CC cream has been raved about for years and years now.

Here are the bold claims I’ve heard:

  • Great coverage, without losing the look of ‘skin’ underneath
  • Long-wearing and great for the summer months
  • SPF 50 – which we all need to be slathering on!
  • Less than $40 for over 1 fl. oz. of product

So I’m going to test it out… FINALLY. I am so pumped. I’ve never tried a CC cream and I wonder if this will be a mood for the entire summer. Not to mention, my Twitter peeps weighed in on the topic:

Sticking with the theme of makeup, I have purchased another legendary product.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector *mini* in Champagne Pop – $22.00 ($18.70 with VIB discount)

This has been hyped for yearssss since one of my favorite YouTubers Jaclyn Hill collab’d with Becca Cosmetics. The name definitely rings a bell – is this Jaclyn’s collab still? I am unsure. REGARDLESS, this is a big-time highlighter with 3,000 reviews and almost 5 stars. Wild. I can’t wait to rock this white gold glam all summer long. Are we noticing a summer theme? Yeah I’m goin’ nuts. Lmao.

Here are the claims I’ve heard:

  • Soft glam w/ natural shimmer
  • Sits beautifully on the skin
  • Universal for all skintones

I am #blessed there was a mini version of the last makeup purchase I made…

Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer *mini* – $22.00 ($18.70 with VIB discount)

Oh baby oh baby, word on the street is this is another fire product. Kathleen Lights, Casey Holmes, and more of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus admit that this primer is one of a kind. They still will tell you the full-size cost is a bit much, but you can’t deny quality when it’s there. Since I could snag a smaller size for less than $20, I went for it. Why the heck not, you know?

Here are the claims I’ve heard:

  • Works great for dry or oily skin
  • Creates a FLAWLESS base for under foundation/concealer + other face products
  • Nourishes the skin and hides pores

ONTO SKINCARE, which we all know is my kryptonite…

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – $20.00 ($17.00 with VIB discount)

This is apparently a holy grail for everyone AND THEIR MOTHERS. And fathers. Siblings. Kin. All that good stuff (lol). People RAVE about this shit and I’m hype to see what all the fuss is about. From what I’ve heard this will transform your lips overnight and I need all the help I can get with chapped lips. Does anyone else have chapped lips year round now? It’s not just a winter thing for me…

Here are the claims I’ve heard:

  • Overnight your lips are intensely hydrated
  • Essentially works miracles while you sleep
  • Helps reduce flakiness and fine lines

Lastly, I’m brought to my last product (sigh), this was fun…

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask – $25.00 ($21.25 with VIB discount)

I tossed this into the basket mainly because I want something to transform my skin, do the laundry, clean my dishes and make me breakfast overnight. LOOOOLLLL. Essentially I am looking for magic. I actually tried this in a sample size once and it was lushhh, honey. I’m excited to have a full size of it and use it weekly. Will report back how the hydration lasts and if it makes a difference in my skin. For 2.3 oz. of product I also don’t think this is a terrible price.

Here are the claims:

  • Intense hydration overnight
  • Gel mask that will absorb quickly into the skin (think: no mess on your pillow)
  • Brings radiance and a refreshed look to your skin

For the heck of it, I claimed my FREE SAMPLES (don’t ever forget to do this!)

JOUER Essential High Coverage Foundation – v excited to try this, but am worried it could be heavy. Best to start with a sample!
Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil body butter – yuuuuummy! There were no better picks, tbh, so I went with something I knew I would use up.

Another thing I don’t want you to forget if you are purchasing during the sale, redeem this!

500 FREE POINTS that you can use towards redeeming something later this year! Sometimes there are big skincare sample bags, trial sized makeup bags, etc. Big big item, don’t forget to click it.


I am so happy with this! Considering we never get Sephora discounts, it’s a nice chunk off the bill. It’s worth noting I also had a few gift cards to redeem so that helps slice the bill as well.

So what do we think? Have you tried any of these? Are they staples for you? Did YOU pick up anything during the sale or do you plan on it? Lmk… I’m nosey.

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MILK MAKEUP Sunshine Skin Tint | First Impression | Katrina S

HEY THERE, what’s up – welcome back. This video kind of went wrong in the beginning but took a turn for the better! Sit back, relax, and watch me test out some Milk makeup products.

Thanks for spending your time with me.

MILK Makeup Blur liquid matte (didn’t work)
MILK Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint
Maybelline Fit Me concealer
Covergirl clean matte powder
Physician’s Formula butter bronzer
Note Cosmetics luminous silk blush
Colourpop super shock cheek in flexitarian




Product Feature: Pretty Vulgar Make Them Blush

“I can’t get my hands off this blush.”


I have alternated between this Pretty Vulgar Make Them Blush (in hush blush) and just one other product since I received this in my March Boxycharm. Tbh, I am v thankful I didn’t receive the other shade of this product that was distributed, as that hot pink would not have done well for me and my pasty complexion.

The shade I received is hush blush and it. is. perfection. This is a medium-toned rose color that is very flattering and easy to blend out. I get home at 5:30 pm and still see this on my cheeks. It doesn’t fade and honey – IT 👏🏻 WILL 👏🏻 LAST 👏🏻 YOU.


Retailing at $26, I think the price is very fair. I have used it almost every day for over two months and it’s not showing signs of hitting pan (as it shouldn’t). It is a beautiful color, blends easily for us beginners, and contains a lot of product. I will happily pay the $26 for this.

Would I repurchase? I think when I run out, yes! I really love it and it has become a staple item in my collection (as I sit in our beach house & it’s packed in my makeup bag upstairs). It is great quality and I tip my hat to Pretty Vulgar for making a *blushing* entrance into the world of cosmetics.


  • blends like a dream
  • medium rosey shade
  • decently priced
  • nice packaging & large quantity of product

Do I have any Boxycharm lovers out there? What were your thoughts on this blush – what shade did you get? Has anyone else tried this? Let me know your thoughts so I can ramble on some more about this!


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Let’s Chat: Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

“This kinda got me into the whole ‘double cleansing’ trend.”

HELLO, hi there, it’s me, KS Loves back at it again. Today we’re breaking down all pros and cons of the ever so popular Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. Full size of this product costs $29.50 but you can also find yourself a travel size of this in Sephora or Ulta.. at least I’m pretty sure you can because that’s the size I tried out first (lol).

I feel like the double-cleansing preach is on the rise and in my opinion, for the right reasons. Girlfriend you gotta get that makeup off your face before you go in with a face wash or how’s your face wash supposed to deep clean?!


Makeup wipes will get the job done but can often leave you without that silky smooth yet squeaky clean feeling. The idea behind a cleansing balm is that it melts down from a solid to an oil and breaks up your makeup. It is extremely soothing and doubles as a nourishment to your skin. Instead of stripping it, the cleansing balm gently removes your makeup within seconds.

I wasn’t sure how I would like an oily product on my face because (hello, oily af over here), but it does such a powerful job cleansing and leaving my skin soft, not feeling tight.


  • full-size lasts you a long time (I bought this jar in January and you can see how much I have left after using 5/7 days per week)
  • melts off your makeup without stripping or tugging at the skin
  • scentless and shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin
  • does what it says it will do while simultaneously adding moisture back to your skin


  • since this is an oily balm, it’s difficult to wash off, and easier to remove with a damp cloth – for this one reason I hate dirtying a wash cloth almost constantly

So that’s my review – what are your thoughts?! Do you have this product? I see the reason it is so poppin’ over most social media pages. Thank you so very much for the read and until next time…

KS Loves

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I Tried 5 Makeup Samples & Here Are My Thoughts

“Samples are the gateway drug to big Sephora splurges.”

Recently I’ve made a few purchases on Sephora and Ulta’s websites. Okay maybe more than one – but the post-holiday gift cards had me like:

Image result for throw money gif

So, rightfully so, I’ve gained a couple samples in the mix. Also – you can walk into any Sephora and request samples of products in a small little tub that may last you 2-3 tries. It makes it super convenient before splurging and if you’re in the market for a foundation, they can shade-match you!

  1. Fenty Beauty Soft Matte Longwear foundation in 150 – retails for $34
    First off, shout-out to Sephora for offering samples of foundations so ya girls on budgets Image result for wave emoji can test it out before we blow a couple Hamiltons on one makeup product. I wore this foundation twice, and both times for at least 10 hours. Here are my thoughts:
  • Applies like a dream – this foundation has a liquid-y formula that dries down rather nicely and in a timely fashion without sinking into fine lines
  • The coverage is THERE – for the first time in awhile, I only used my concealer to highlight (the foundation already covered blemishes)
  • The finish is beautiful – it truly is a soft-matte that doesn’t look too dry/cakey on my skin
  • My cons: It started to break up on my nose about 5 hours into wear and I could see some redness peeking through. I also have to say its “matte” lasting formula is lacking in a sense that I am shiny by hour 5 as well.

Am I making the splurge on the foundation after sampling it from Sephora? Sadly, no.

2. Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Snow – retails for $39
I wasn’t a huge fan of this. And for almost $40, I was even less of a fan of this. Surprisingly, this clung to my dry patches. I believe this foundation is known for achieving a more natural finish (not so much dewy, and not so much matte). My skin looked even less hydrated when I put this on, and that was a disappointment. I also have to say it dried incredibly fast, which leaves it difficult to blend out.
I would not spend $39 to purchase the full size.


3. Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer – retails for $36
This primer is v nice – in fact, it feels luxurious. I am not an avid user of foundation primers, but this felt really smoothing to me. I couldn’t stop touching my face before I applied foundation once this primer was down. It was incredibly smooth and silky, and created a nice base for foundation to lay on top. My skin looked poreless and it wore really well.
Until… ya girl’s oily skin went on a streak and shined me up within hours. I would honestly think of spending the $$$ if it didn’t make me so greasy. To all my gals with dry skin out there: I’m sure you’d love this.
Unfortunately, I’ll have to pass.

4. Smashbox Photo Finish lid primer – retails for $21
I was really excited to try this primer because of Casey Holmes. Her previously-raved about lid primer for oily eyelids was the NARS smudge-proof eyeshadow base, and I highly enjoy that one. This one didn’t do all that much for me. It does have a tint to it so that it conceals redness, but I’d honestly rather use a concealer for 1/4 of the price.
I‘d skip purchasing this and just use a concealer.


5. Too Faced Hangover primer – retails for $32
I liked this primer a lot more than I thought I would! It’s hydrating and primes your makeup all in one. I have a shiny t-zone, and I didn’t find that this primer made me any oilier than I normally get. In fact, I don’t think I was as oily as typical. A miracle, I know. And the lasting power throughout the day was there, I didn’t notice my foundation rubbing off in the spots it typically does.
Honestly, I would consider purchasing this. But, for the price, I’d probably reconsider a more affordable option.


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PRODUCT REVIEW: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

“This was my first high end foundation purchase!”


OKAY. I am ready to fully review the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. You can pick this up in Sephora, online, or at any Clinique counter inside Macy’s. I didn’t even let Sephora not having my shade stop me from purchasing this – and ran to the nearest Macy’s in center city.

So I bought this in the shade alabaster, after being shade matched in Sephora (which I highly recommend). If you’re going to be spending a pretty penny on your first high end foundation, bish you better get it matched to your skin tone. This is v important, considering you want to look good and make your $$ well spent.


I’m going to lay it all out as far as the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly.


  • very full coverage without feeling too heavy/cakey
  • nice scent, if you can even smell it (I’ve heard from a friend it’s not noticeable)
  • application is smooth and blends evenly when using a brush
  • decent price for a high end foundation (retails for $28.00)
  • buildable coverage
  • incredible shade range


  • does not stay matte after 4-5 hours (at least not for someone shiny like me)
  • dries rather quickly on the skin, so I would recommend doing one half of your face at a time
  • can look a little dry on my nose (but that could be my skin type), so I usually finish with a damp sponge to perfect the look


So that wraps up this review! I really like this foundation – the coverage is there, and it lasts me all day long. In the future, I will look for a more mattifying formula, but I can guarantee I’ll repurchase this down the line. It is a staple item to keep in your collection!

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts? Do you agree/disagree? Are there any other foundations I should be seeking out suitable for my skin type?!

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Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

“Did I just buy magic in a liquid formula?!”


Clean brushes are a saving grace, and we all have Laura Lee to thank for this Cinema Secrets brush cleaner recommendation. I think we all know how important it is to clean our brushes of old foundation, dirt, and dead skin cells (I presume?), so I don’t think I need to detail why you should be doing this.

In the picture above you will see the travel size, containing 2 oz. of the cleaner. This cost me $8, and as you can tell I used about 1/3 of it to clean 10 brushes.

And when I say clean… I mean CLEAN.

I know, I know. How did I let it get that bad? People, here you see bronzer, foundation, eyeshadows, blush, highlight, the whole nine yards coming off in a matter of strokes!

Now onto the other side of the wash cloth… so yeah, I think you get the point. This stuff means business.

The directions say:

  • fill up the brush tin (which came with the product) about 1/4 of the way
  • for dense brushes, submerge about 10% of the brush and hold it upside down for 5 seconds, allowing the liquid to coat the bristles
  • for smaller eye brushes, submerge about half of the brush really quickly and start wiping onto a paper towel/old wash cloth
  • once you’ve dampened your brush you are to swirl it around on your towel/cloth and you’ll see all the dirt and makeup come off INSTANTLY
    – for really dirty brushes, repeat the process once more until no residue comes off the brush

And that’s it! Viola. Super clean brushes, and it dries almost instantly. I cleaned mine at night and let them sit overnight to dry completely. This restored a lot of my brushes’ original softness/color I forgot they had. I am absolutely thrilled and satisfied with this product, and plan to invest in the value size (32 oz. for $36).

Again, thank you Laura Lee for the genius recommendation!



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