Wanderlust Wednesday: Barbuzzo

“This is definitely classier than most, and the price is right!”

Located at 110 South 13th Street

Barbuzzo is a Mediterranean bar and grill which specializes in unique tastes and flavorful dishes. It has quickly turned into our spot for special occasions. First it was my birthday (which, I might add, was New Years Eve with a superb set four-course meal) and the second visit was for our anniversary. Both times were not a letdown. This restaurant serves to impress and is accompanied by incredible waitstaff.


As I previously mentioned, the first time we visited there was a set menu. We started with the sheep’s milk ricotta paired with country-grilled bread, and followed with our individual choices for dinner and then an amazing, absolutely must-try, caramel dessert.

The second time around, we ordered that sheep’s milk ricotta again, and it did not disappoint. I love that they give you more than enough spread to dip your bread. They do not skimp on portions for those of us who come with a big appetite.


On NYE, I had asked our waiter if my main dish (campanelle) was a feature on their usual menu, and he said, “No, not typically.” BUT… little did he know, or maybe the menu changed to incorporate it, campanelle was on the menu as a dinner dish and ya girl here was so. so. stoked.

This is HANDS DOWN the best pasta dish I have ever eaten in my entire life.

Okay, yes, I know. Bold statement. And I am a huge pasta fanatic… anything noodles and believe me I’m there. But I stand by this. The flavors of this dish with tiny veal meatballs and a truffle cream incorporating kale and parmesan are everything a pasta-obsessive person is looking for. Please make sure that when you go, someone at the table orders this.


My boyfriend chose to devour an entire margherita pizza, and I don’t think he thought twice about his choice.


Lastly, we enjoyed one of the greatest desserts Philadelphia has to offer, the salted caramel budino. With a chocolate “cookie-like” crust on the bottom, followed by layered vanilla bean and salted caramel goodness, this dessert will not disappoint you AT ALL.


I was really excited to write this feature and I’m happy I could make it to Barbuzzo twice in a couple months. It will definitely be a place I return to as I don’t think we’ll be able to stay away!img_20170208_183539

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Pizzeria Stella

“This takes the meaning of pizza to the next level.”


Imagine having a front row seat watching pizza chefs toss dough, sprinkle cheese, and swivel a pie around in a wood-fired oven. On a Friday night. My kind of entertainment. Some might think sitting at the “bar” table is a much less glamorous spot than reserving a table just for the two of you, but I think not. If even just to pass the time, watching the pizza gurus at work is highly recommended.

So I tried Pizzeria Stella in Old City, Philadelphia a couple weeks ago. Located at 2nd and Lombard, this wood-fired pizza is an absolute delight for a night out. Don’t come here expecting anything less than a sizzling hot and deliciously-seasoned pie.

The wait was not long, though as I mentioned we did opt for a bar seat (which only meant standing for a few minutes as opposed to a 30-min wait at the door). Once seated, we were quick to order a whole pizza each, considering we wanted to try more than one and leftovers are everyone’s dream. First, we selected the sausage pizza with wood-roasted sausage, a pesto topping, mozzarella cheese and tomato. For our second pie, we chose the brussels sprouts pizza with pancetta, smoked mozzarella and onions. Is your mouth drooling yet?

Then we watched the whole process as each chef took part in their assigned role. First guy would spin the dough until he created the perfect crust. Second guy was the designated “saucer,” then we had a third and fourth guy sharing the role of “toppings.” Then into the fire, though not for long. These pizzas cooked fast.



I mean, the flavor, wow. Watching the process, awesome. And I was happy I could take some home to reheat in the oven! Overall, amazing experience here for the second time, and I will be happy to come back and bring new people.

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