Facial Friday: Mario Badescu Multi-Masking Kit

“I’m a multi-tasker using the multi-masker!”


Did anyone else get this for Christmas? Is is too late to ask that? Yes? Oh well.

Disclaimer: I cannot find this trio together anymore, however you can certainly buy each of these separately to achieve the same combination. Mario Badescu sells the Super Collagen mask, Whitening mask, and Flower & Tonic mask individually.

As an introduction to Mario Badescu’s Multi-Masker kit, you should first know that each mask (pictured above) is used on different areas of your face to target different skin issues. I kind of assumed when I got this that I could just use each one of them all over my face on a certain day of the week and rotate, but little did I know they were to be used all at once!


This is a three-step process, and I will list each mask and its benefits below:

  1. First, you should apply the Super Collagen mask to your forehead, and anywhere else you feel you need an extra boost of hydration. This formula is going to work towards plumping your skin to restore a natural radiance of youth.
  2. Secondly, you should apply the Whitening mask to your cheeks. This is going to help boost the glow to your skin and brighten your appearance.
  3. Lastly, apply the Flower & Tonic mask to your T-zone and chin (I applied around my nose and chin area). I use this wherever I think my pores need the most purging, as this formula is meant to re-balance your skin and clear out congested pores.

So far, I really like these masks! They have such a fresh scent, and feel less “goopy” than drugstore brand face masks, which I’ve attributed to a thinner consistency. They apply like a dream to the face, and for reasons I can’t put my finger on, they just feel more high end. I do not splurge when it comes to face masks, and I think my mom paid $12 for this set (here’s hoping it releases again soon!), but these are certainly nicer masks than you’d pick up at your local CVS or Target.


My other favorite aspect about these masks is that they are made to target different zones on your face! How often do you apply a different face mask to your cheeks than you do your nose? For me, the answer was never. If I continue to see positive results, I will be repurchasing them individually!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried out the trio, or any one of the face masks featured here! I’d be interested in knowing what other Mario Badescu masks are worth checking out that I didn’t talk about in this feature.

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