Mini Colourpop Haul: ft. Kathleen Lights “Dream Collection”

“I purchased this before I even watched
her YouTube video debuting the collection #invested”


Update: I filmed a little tut for the first time ever on my Instagram in case you’d like to see a look with this eyeshadow palette!

I.. AM.. SO.. EXCITED! … to be writing about this collection.

Full Disclaimer: I did not buy the entire collection (I skipped out on the gloss and orange-red lippie). Instead, I bought her Dream St. eyeshadow palette and Dreamy satin lip.

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I was already a huge fan of Colourpop’s satin lips.
Reasons why:

  • $6
  • creamy, satin-y finish
  • pigment that lasts for hours
  • insane selection of colors

IMG_20171226_130725 IMG_20171226_131528

This was, however, my first eyeshadow purchase *gasp* I know, idk how I lasted so long without buying eyeshadow from this brand but alas, here we are. And guess what, they’re as good as the YouTubers say they are – they weren’t lying. The pigment is there, blendibility too, the price point is better than you could “dream” of.. ha ha ha.


But really, this collection is not something to “sleep” on – LMAO.

And as if these purchases didn’t already seal the deal, this Flexitarian super shock cheek highlighter came in to steal the show – LIKE HOLY S*#@, it’s flex’n good.

  • it’s creamy
  • it blends
  • it highlights to the Gods



I approve their lippie stix, satin lips, eyeshadows, and highlighters. I’ve heard great things about their concealers and brushes. Needless to say, this won’t be my last purchase from them.

Round of applause for Colourpop and Kathleen Lights Image result for clap emoji

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The Best of IPSY

“I will continue to repurchase and repurchase.. and repurchase these items.”

These are my tried and true, my most reliable products I’ve received from Ipsy. These are also the products Ipsy has successfully sold me on, which I imagine is their game plan considering they offer monthly discounts for certain beauty brands they promote.

There are a mix of drugstore/high end in this round-up, which I think my readers will appreciate. Some prices are low whereas others take a few paychecks to save up (unless you’re like me and willing to wait for a holiday and a Sephora gift card).

Enough about the intro.. let’s get into this!

  1. Tarte Maracuja Oilfull size retails for $48.00
    This was an absolute sell for me. I wholeheartedly love this product and received the travel size in my December 2016 Ipsy bag. I have used this product mostly every night since I received it (probably 90% of the time), and am just now halfway through it. The travel size retails at $15, well worth spending your money. This oil soothes, hydrates, and balances out my skin in ways I didn’t know possible. Full review here if you want to know all of the benefits I’ve seen and how to use it!


  2. Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasionfull size retails for $79.00
    It pains me to include this product because.. well.. $$$ but, I simply must! Dr. Brandt knows what the f*#k they’re doing. I have not found another exfoliator on the market with such finely milled exfoliating beads as this one. The light peppermint scent is enough to relax and soothe your mind. After washing off this product, you’ll notice the softness in your skin as it seems the exfoliator doubles as a hydrator. I love the feeling. I’m not sure that there is a travel size, but if there is that is what I’ll be repurchasing b/c a little goes a long way – and I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to justify $80 on a skincare product (LOL).


  3. IT Cosmetics Superhero mascarafull size retails at $24.00
    Let me just say this: you can get a sample size of this mascara to try at Ulta for $10 in the checkout aisle. Let me then say this: do it!! You pay almost $10 or more at the drugstore for mascara anyways, so spend the $10 on a high-end brand in Ulta that has a decent amount of product as well. This mascara does the best job at creating a look full of luxurious lashes. When I wear this mascara, my eyes make a statement. I can’t get enough of it.

  4. Verb Ghost Oilfull size retails  at $14.00
    This product is amazing, smells amazing, and has an amazing price point. I do not try hair oils often (because, like most, I’m afraid it’s going to leave my hair greasy) but alas this hair oil has stuck with me. I continually reach for this after washing my hair to disperse through my ends. The light scent is very nice and feminine, but not overwhelming. This product does a great job at sealing in moisture and repairing damaged hair. I will certainly repurchase once I finish the tube.

  5. NYX Butter Lipstickfull size retails at $6.00
    This is one of the creamiest lipstick formulas. I’m also a huge fan of the e.l.f. moisturizing lipsticks ($3 and decent wear time), but there’s something about these butter lipsticks that are so soothing on the lips. It’s like giving your lips a drink of water. That being said, they are pretty slippery, so application takes a bit longer than slapping on a liquid lippie, but it’s well worth the time for the color payoff and hydrating formula.

  6. Any of the lip scrubs I’ve received. I am totally new to this type of product and I LOVE it! I’m loving exfoliating my lips before slapping on a hydrating lip balm.
    Jelly Pong Pong Coffee + Coconut lip scrub ($19.00) this scrub has a little bit of a “wet” texture to it. It’s less gritty than your typical lip scrubs, and might be best for the people just starting out exfoliating their lips.
    Indi Beauty Buttercream lip scrub ($11.99) this scrub is a lot grittier and definitely does a great job at exfoliating your lips prior to moisturizer. It primes them perfectly.


    So that’s a round-up of my all time favorite Ipsy products thus far! Do some of these match your list of favs? What have you gone out and repurchased? I want to know!


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Magical Makeup Monday: L’Oreal Infallible Blend Artist Sponge

“We need to have a serious talk about this sponge.”


Beginner, mediocre, professional MUA… you need the L’Oreal Infallible Blend Artist sponge in your life. This sponge is so squishy, yet firm enough. It has a large surface area, but the pointed end helps precision blending. This is just a PERFECT sponge. I really don’t know what else to say! Other than go out and buy this (or order it online, cause they are like.. all sold out in stores). Meh.

Special shout out to Casey Holmes on YouTube for recommending this $$ saver. #blessed to have her in our lives.

Below is a picture before and after dampening my blender, to show how much the sponge expands with water:

This sponge blends out foundation/concealer beautifully. I have not been able to put it down. I am a complete newb when it comes to using a sponge to blend my foundation, but this has been a game-changer for me, and I expect it to be like that for others too.

I don’t particularly notice that this sponge absorbs a lot of product, so I’m thankful it distributes makeup evenly across my face. For the price of this, what a great dupe for the beauty blender!

Has anyone else tried this sponge? Is it your holy grail, or should I try out a different one?



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Magical Makeup Monday: The Makeup Obsession is Real

“I had no idea this all existed.”

So, after 7 months of binging on YouTube tutorials, skincare routines, and monthly favorites, I have become obsessed with anything and everything face. I have officially delved deep into the online realm of makeup products. I’m talking primers, eyeshadow palettes, foundation routines, blush, bronzers, even highlighters! Once I convinced my colleague to get into it as well (already erring on the side of a beauty guru herself), it was all we could talk about. Not long to follow the YouTube binging was our first #MakeupHaul.

It wasn’t large by any means, as in I couldn’t post a video with the title “Ulta Makeup Haul” since I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars, but it was more than mama had in her collection, let me tell you. I splurged on a couple high end brands, and by “splurge” I mean spent more than $10 on sample sizes. It was the right amount to get started as a Makeup Wannabe. I had never used a primer, setting powder, or highlighter in my life.
Shoutout to my fellow new makeup lovers, I know you’re reading this.
But it was fun to begin to explore. It was fun learning the techniques and watching the pros. At this point, I think I’ve watched 75% of Jaclyn Hill, KathleenLights, RachhLoves, and Carli Bybel videos. And that’s exactly what I would recommend! Jump on the tube, read through the comments section on your most desired products, and start creating a list of “wants” and “needs.” For me, a Google docs spreadsheet was the key to organization.

For those of you looking to jump on the trendy makeup and skincare bandwagon, look forward to more updates, mini-hauls, and experimentations here! I am declaring Mondays my “Magical Makeup Mondays.” Too cheesy? Okay fine, “Magical Makeup Mondays” it is!

KS red lips isolated in white

PRODUCTS MENTIONED IN RANKED ORDER (#1 being my favorite and so on):
1. Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion
2. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
3. Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Mini Face Primer
4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
5. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
6. Mario Badescu Facial Spray