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How Ikea Plants Transform a Room for Less Than $10

“I should’ve purchased like three more of these.”

As I ease my way into the plant world, Ikea wasn’t my first choice as far as buying some quality plants as an addition to my home decor. However, I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the selection and durability of their plant section.

I feel the need to mention I am a plant dummy. If there is a Plants 101 for Dummies I need it in my collection. We were not big gardeners growing up, and while my dad currently has a knack for all things greenery (think: retired and needs a hobby lol) I am by no means an expert.

Here’s where Ikea comes into play. They have manageable, easy-to-care for plants to select from. I started simple: succulent, aloe vera, and a Himalayan plant that “thrives on neglect.”


The picture above is my Himalayan plant that I took to work. It cost me $2.99.

I absolutely love it. I have an office cubicle that receives no sunlight and where the temperature is regulated by our building maintenance. With that being said, it doesn’t sit in the dark and the temps stay relatively mild, tho for obvious reasons it does not receive the most “pristine” of care. This Janet Craig plant adds a great touch of green to my desk and livens up the cubicle. That gold pot can also be found at Ikea for $4.99.

The second plant I bought is a succulent plant with this adorable pink pot for $7.99.

This adds such a feminine touch to my apartment and I love the pop of green and pink. This plant only needs watered once a week and does well with little light. I added these fairy lights around the lantern and just love the vibe of this mini plant terrarium.

My final plant is an aloe vera plant that cost me $4.99. I put it in this galvanized pot that I also got from Ikea *surprise, surprise* for 49 cents!

This plant is awesome and only needs watered once every two weeks (at least for right now in the winter). I have yet to break off a piece of the plant for the aloe gel on the inside, but when I squeeze it between my fingers I can feel the gel. I love this plant – it’s so green and vibrant and can brighten up a nightstand or an end table.

Overall, this was an incredible start to my initiative of bringing plants into the living space. I am intrigued and plan to purchase more, even those that may require a greener thumb. There is a super unique plant/garden store in South Philly called Urban Jungle, and if I can get my hands on a few gems there I will photograph and upload those on my blog here as well.

I would lastly like to mention that I purchased these plants a little over a month ago and they are going strong in the environments I’ve placed them in. I am really happy with the outcome and plan to go back for more. I mean c’mon… LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS.

Have you been to Ikea for plants? How about planter pots? Let me know your thoughts and if I need to run out and get another piece to incorporate into my home.


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Skincare/Makeup Declutter (products I’m tossing)

“Time for a good ‘ole DECLUTTER.. I don’t need this, this, or that anymore.”


Today’s post is a little bit old-school. A good, old-fashioned makeup declutter. You know, “I have upgraded to this,” or “I never use that.” That’s the vibe we’re going for here. In case you have any of these products and they work tremendously for you, please let me know! Maybe I’ll reconsider. It’s just that I haven’t touched these in months and need to move on.

Don’t hold onto anything that doesn’t serve you a purpose any longer!
*Ladies, this same concept applies to relationships too* 😉


First up, my hardest product to let go of: Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub – $7.99

I love, love, love the scent of this exfoliator. I cannot tell you how much I love it. There is something so calming and soothing to the scent of this product. It also did a great job; my skin felt v soft after applying, and it didn’t strip my skin. It also did not irritate my skin.
My reason for tossing: I splurged and purchased the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion, and ya girl does not need two exfoliators. HOWEVER, this was a great drugstore option while I used it.

Second, I have my CVS brand Daily Calming Moisturizer.
*Heads up, I couldn’t find the CVS brand of this online so I linked the Aveeno form of this. CVS’s is just a knock-off version for less money.*

I loved this moisturizer. It was recommended to me by a friend. I would agree that yes, it was soothing. I used it all throughout the summer and it felt quenching on dry, sunburnt skin. I have no complaints about this product at all. In fact, I’ll probably repurchase it.
My reason for tossing: it expired. And I don’t need to be clogging my pores with old products!


Next is the Soap & Glory Clean on Me shower gel – $10 for a full-size bottle
My reason for tossing: it irritated my skin. I’m not sure what did it, could’ve been the scent (it’s good, but rather strong). My skin doesn’t like harsh perfumes, so I need to just get rid of this and continue to use a milder shower cleanser.

Then there’s the Body Shop Skin-Clearing Tea Tree Toner – $14
My reason for tossing: I didn’t notice a difference in my skin using this, though I must be honest, I used my Mario Badescu cucumber cleansing lotion much more than I committed to the tea tree toner. It’s also expired. Time to toss!

Onto my e.l.f. Mattifying Blotting Papers – $5
My reason for tossing: these blotting sheets have been sitting in my vanity for months and I never touch them. Here’s why: you can blot with tissue/toilet paper. Sure, it’s not fancy, but it soaks up just as much oil as a blotting sheet. I firmly believe these are only created to make more money. Girl, just blot while you going potty.


Skyn Iceland Relief Eye Cream – $45 for full-size
My reason for tossing: mainly, if I like this product, it will cost way too much to repurchase a full-size container. I haven’t touched this product since the day I got it. I’m not a huge undereye moisturizing person, and I have a Vitamin C one from the Body Shop I need to use first.

LA Girl HD Pro Concealer – $4.99
My reason for tossing: I didn’t get the right shade to match me, so I can’t shit on this product. While I can’t discuss the quality, I didn’t like the applicator. The wrong shade along with the dislike of applicator, I need to toss this. It’s just taking up space.

So that’s my little declutter! Have you experienced any of the same product disappointments? Or should I save one and keep testing it out?!

Anyways, this has been some fun girl time. Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts below.

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Decorate with Me! Cozy Christmas Edition

“Could the magic of Christmas be that it never loses its magic?”


Slowly, year by year, I am trying to revamp my Christmas decorations style. I know you know what I mean. Some people love the vibrant reds and greens, others dream of the “snow-frosted” white Christmas. I like vintage pieces, but also rustic DIY projects. I think I’m still in the process of finding my Christmas style, but I’m getting there.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite pieces, and for the most part where you can buy them and how much they cost. Because let’s be real here – you need to know the good good if you want to replicate anything you see in your own home.

Let’s start out with some home decor you probably saw in last year’s Christmas segment (shout-out to my ONE YEAR blogging anniversary coming up!).

That beautifully-glowing Christmas present glass box was given to me by a friend. Get this – someone made it for them! So it is doable. My best guess is a frosted glass box, some twinkle lights on the inside, and a big bow to tie it off.

The “Merry Christmas” sign is from my all-time favorite vintage/rustic Christmas shop,
The Old Candle Barn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was $8.99. This is the same place I bought my little caroler girls for $3.99/each.

The “Holiday House Rules” came from Kohl’s and cost $29.99 originally but I know I wouldn’t pay that (LMAO); I remember buying it on sale during Black Friday in 2016.

The wooden “tray” is new from Home Goods and cost $12.99. I think it adds a nice rustic touch to the wooden coffee table. I remember buying the reindeer candle holder from Kohl’s years ago. That Fireside candle is from the Shady Maple Gift Shop (also located in Lancaster, PA).

Per usual, I have to include a couple photos of my Christmas tree – would it be a Christmas post without it?!

That sign above my tree came from Home Goods for $14.99.
I got my tree from Big Lots on Black Friday in 2016 for $59.99. Incredibly good find. Image result for okay emoji

One of my favorite ideas this Christmas are these pillowcases. Casey Holmes posted about this genius idea on Snapchat and I was determined to replicate this in my home when I got the chance. Here is where you can buy all six pillowcases for your throw pillows for $19.99. Then I bought a pack of four pillows (18″ x 18″) for $19.99. Instead of buying a single pillow for $15-20 depending on where you go, you can invest in the pillows and swap out 4-6 cases each season for the price of one. You’ll save storage space and $$ spent on decorative throw pillows!

All Hearts Come Home at Christmas” pillow is from the Old Candle Barn and cost $7.99.


Lastly, I have this really cool DIY project involving a galvanized vase and some branches I picked out and put together. I think I’ll save this for its own blog post. Image result for wink emoji

So those are my holiday decorations for 2017! How about yours? Do you have a blog post up detailing your finds? Is there something I can add to my collection? Lmk in the comments below!

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DIY: Refurbished Barstools

“From Craigslist to Chabby Chic!”


This is one of the cooler DIY projects we’ve done. We took some barstools we got for $25/each, splurged on a can of nice paint, and sanded the edges for a worn look. It took some time but it was well worth it for how polished they turned out. They match fabulously in our new apartment with the white marble countertop.

They were completely plain when we bought them. The first step was to coat them in the chalk paint we purchased. The brand is Annie Sloan and the shade is graphite.

After going over them with two coats of paint, we took to sanding them down for a worn look. We used sandpaper from Home Depot and this process was not difficult at all. If you messed up, you just painted back over it! It’s simple and completely customizable as to where you place the “weathered” look. We tried to make them all match, in a sense, but none of the chairs are identical.

After sanding down the chairs to what we were happy with, with sealed it with two coats of polyurethane. We also purchased this from Home Depot and made sure to get a kind that is easy to clean/wipe down.


I think they turned out fabulously! They are certainly a conversation piece, and we saved a lot of money on nice barstools. It was a fun project and now we know how to redo some kitchen furniture.


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Lip Luxury: Milani Moisture Lock Lip Oil Treatment

“I would pay more than $8.00 for this lip moisturizer.”


Chapped, dry lips from the sun at the beach? Or maybe you’re just looking for a nighttime moisturizer to soothe your lips while you catch some Zzzz’s. I’ve found the answer for the best quality and price point, and that is the Milani Moisture Lock Lip Oil Treatment for $8.00 (at any CVS). Personally, I like the almond coconut scent, but I haven’t tried any other ones yet.

It can be kind of strange, slathering on a lip oil before going to bed. You’re like, “Is this going to be messy?” or “Will I get it on my pillow?” No, no, my friends. Right before you crawl into bed and put on an episode of Friends (or whichever Netflix show you’re binging atm), use your favorite lip scrub – or not – and coat your lips with this soothing lip oil treatment.


It is such a creamy and thick formula that gives all the luxury you could imagine applying to chapped lips. The applicator is wide, which helps to distribute the product evenly and cover more surface. I typically don’t need to dip the applicator back into the bottle, as one coat is enough.

This is my holy grail for nighttime lip moisture and I would be happy to pay more than $8.00 for this, which says a lot about the quality of a drugstore lip treatment. I would absolutely recommend this to someone dealing with chapped or dry lips and have already done so! Hopefully my mom isn’t reading this, because she’ll probably get it for her next birthday.

Has anyone else tried this? Or any other Milani lip care products? Please let me know – as I’m always wanting to try new things!

FYI: other flavors are – lemon honey, peach mango, grapeseed, primrose, grapefruit, pomegranate, and raspberry.

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“This has to be the best weekend of my entire life.”

Soooo I acknowledge I’ve been a little MIA recently. There are a few reasons as to why, mainly concerning my health and a sporadic ear infection, perforated eardrum, and then an episode of bells palsy thrown my way.

It’s been HECTIC. Talk about a million curve balls.

But among all the chaos.. I’ve gotten ENGAGED!!! Yaaaaayyyyyy. And I want to share the incredible experience here on my blog.


It started as a trip to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Center City, Philadelphia. Andrew and I had planned on being “tourists” in our own city a few months ago, and it was the day to do it! It was particularly rainy, but he insisted I throw on a dress and do my hair and makeup (yeah, okay).

So I putted around my apartment and curled my hair and threw on some eyeshadows and mascara (which, let me tell you, is no small task when your right eye isn’t blinking from the bells palsy). My roommate played it so casual as she ordered Greek food for dinner and claimed she “had no plans for the evening.”

We took an uber into the city and arrived within minutes. We got out of the car to walk towards Independence Hall and he stopped me halfway to tell me he loved me and that was probably the moment I knew. Because what guy is going to stop you from walking in public to tell you they love you?

So then he asked the question every girl dreams of hearing her entire life. His sisters ran over to me and I was shaking and laughing and crying and it was all a beautiful mess.

Then we popped some champagne. Obvi.

So then we go to dinner and I eat 1/4 of my mac n’ cheese because.. well, I’M A FIANCE and still can’t believe it! Huge shout-out to Jones restaurant for the amazing dinner and hosting both of our families for the celebration.

If you thought I was done with the story you’ll be pleasantly surprised because..

Andrew: “Did you want to stop over at Field House (Center City bar) for a drink? I can text my roommates.”
Me: “Sure! Just keep in mind I’m still on medicine so I could only go for a drink or two.”

In the meantime I’m texting me friends telling them to meet me in the city and they’re all so conveniently “busy” or “working.” Can you guess where this is going? If not, picture a private room full of 30-40 of our closest friends and family cheering as I walk in. Can you guess what I did next? Picture me sobbing into everyone’s arms as my friends from DC, Florida, and Denver come walking out from the back of the room.

This boy. Thought of. Everything.


And then we had the most magical night ever full of laughs, drinks, and pictures. Now hopefully we’ll live happily ever after, am I right? The end. 🙂

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Blue Apron Meal: Katsu-Style Catfish


“The meal was made for two people, but I ate both portions.”


Here is a delicious dish for all of my catfish-loving subbies! This was my first time breading like, anything, and I think I did a pretty fabulous job. The catfish came out nice and crispy, but not too greasy. The side of rice paired nicely with the fish, and the cabbage slaw was a new eat for me! I’m not super picky when it comes to food, so I’ll be the first to congratulate a new side I took a liking to.

I had a blast making this dish – and did so all by myself! The other two Blue Apron meals I had help with. If you’re interested in my thoughts on the chicken meatballs recipe and the pesto pasta, feel free to check those out too.

This dish is fun because it surprises your taste buds.

You start by marinating the cabbage slaw using olive oil, sweet chili sauce, and seasoning with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Set this to the side while you prepare the remainder of your dish.

Next is the black garlic mayonnaise, which is right up my alley.


Then you can bring a pot of water to boil and let the rice cook for roughly 10 minutes.


Next we’re going to bread the catfish! My favorite part. All in separate bowls, you’ll need to beat the egg, prepare the flour, and lay out the breadcrumbs. You’ll want to dry off your raw fish with a paper towel or two, making sure to soak up all excess moisture. Moving on, coat each side of the fish with egg, flour, and then breadcrumbs. Toss in a pan with olive oil over medium heat and fry each side 3-4 minutes, until golden.

Plate up your dinner and chow down! This was one of my favorites after receiving three meals, and it was super easy to make. I enjoyed the process, and enjoyed eating it that much more.

I’ll put the recipe cards below so you can check out the recipe for yourself if you’d like! Alternatively, you can find it here online.

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Fancy Friday: Ross Finds

“I could furnish my whole apartment with the home goods section here.”

I have always loved Ross. Ross’s home goods, the candles you find, the clothing and shoes, even the random trinkets along the perimeter of the store. It is definitely a great place to decorate on a budget. Even the clearance section can be full of valuable items for your home and closet. I like to think of it as the even more affordable TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Though Ross can tend to be picked over, their stores still carry a large assortment of goods and space to roam around.

I found this piece at the Ross in State College, PA. My roommate and I live in a two bedroom apartment that features an extra small room (too small to be a third bedroom). We use this room as additional closet space to store our clothes and shoes. I love the girly touch this brings to the space, as well as the colors. The room is white and rather plain besides my dresser and our clothing, so this is a perfect addition!

This I believe I also found in State College. I place this on top of my dresser to hold some of my favorite skin products, lipsticks, and brushes. Eventually, I may or may not move this to my vanity, as I am in the process of building that (post to come soon!). I find mirror products a cool way to display your belongings because of the reflection. Sometimes my tray can get a little crowded, but I think it’s best to keep it simple and elegant in regards to what you place on top.


Random candles are where it’s at. Let me repeat: get your cool candles here! I don’t even burn these candles, they’re just so fun to look at. I think the reason I don’t burn them is because I never want to throw them away, so they’ll sit looking like this forever. If you dig the look of statement pieces and candles, why not combine that into one? Dress up any nightstand/vanity with a candle like this for that extra pop of character.

So that’s everything for this Ross feature! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve found something unique inside Ross that you think I should see. When it comes to intricate pieces to fill your home, I can’t say you’ll need to look much further than Ross.

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