Honeymoonin’ in Ocho Rios, Jamaica @ Sandals Resort

“Wah gwaan!”


Yes that’s right I now speak Patwa. Well… I speak two words which translate to, “What’s going on” but I like to think I got the hang of the lingo.*

If you’re interested in my YouTube vlog on this trip, find it here!

Patwa is still English, but with a Jamaican dialect. Natives will tell you it’s a lazier and faster way of speaking LMAO. Kind of matches their pace of life, which mimics the phrase they preach over and over again, “You’re on Jamaican (or island) time.” Meaning there are no deadlines and there is no rushing to make a dinner reservation. While you are on vacation, or just in Jamaica in general it seems, forget your worries and let time slow itself down. The conversations we had and the experiences we led seemed to take place in their own little world, a world void of crowded subway cars as you rush to work and talking over people to get your point across.

What I am trying to say is… time moved a little bit slower in Ocho Rios Jamaica, and for that I am grateful.


Okay now into the juicy stuff – FOOD, BOOZE, ENTERTAINMENT. Jamaica doesn’t lack in any of these departments and you’ll quickly fall in love with “Jerk” everything.

We stayed at a Sandals resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica for 9 nights as part of our honeymoon. We didn’t want to do a darn thing. I wanted to sit, relax, read a book (which I hardly even did lol), and just be… MARRIED! Sandals made all our dreams come true.

You are greeted with a romantic heart-shaped towel with rose petals in the middle, cheesy but sweet. A bottle of champagne and white wine chilled in the fridge along with a fully-stocked bar. Do you have the chills yet? Since the resort is all-inclusive, you can order as many drinks and food items as your heart desires.

img_20181106_184423.jpgRoom service at 9:00 pm after a long day of flights? Done. Breakfast buffet for an early rise at 7:30 am? YES PLEASE. Endless drinks on the beach and swim-up pools. I could probably stand in one location and see two bars either direction. You probably have goosebumps from how L U S H that sounds. Because I do just writing this.

We booked a couples massage at their Red Lane Spa – our first ever – and it was
AH-MAZING to say the least. 90 minutes of pure relaxation and stress melting from the body. All those wedding dilemmas and stressful decisions faded to nothing and the masseuses did. their. thing. And they did it well.One of my FAVORITE experiences – tho it is an additional $200 from what you pay for the resort *ouch* – is the private candlelight dinner for you and your honey. Listen, it’s your mf honeymoon, go on wit ya bad self. You will not regret it. I ordered surf n’ turf and the hubbs got steak and it was one of our favorite meals there. It was incredibly romantic having a private dinner and you get to choose one of several locations they can host them. Book this once you check in!

Another place to splurge, even just for a day is the BEACH CABANA. Not the ones by the pool, hit up those beach ones Oceanside. It will accompany a personal butler, 15 min neck/back massage, lunch brought to you, and endless shade for those of you with Irish skin like mine (catch what I’m saying). This is SOOOOO worth it for the experience and privacy you get on the beach with top-notch service from 10 am until 5 or 6 pm – I can’t remember exactly when it ends (island time, remember?)

If I had to choose my top three favorite restaurants on the resort, I’d say you must eat at Kimonos (hibachi grill), Le Gourmand (fancy French restaurant), and the private candlelight dinner. These are my top three choices for food. If you don’t want to spend the additional $$$ to do #3, which I can’t blame you, then I’d slide Kelly’s (seafood on the pier) or Sky Terrace (balance of all taste buds) into that third slot.


Breakfast: Sky Terrace has a phenomenal buffet and I am still dreaming of their bacon ends and jerk sausage. Le Gourmand featured a scrumptious banana caramel French toast when I was there and it was so good I ate it twice during my trip.*Order a mimosa or two every morning for added fun.


Sandals Ochi has 11 bars for unlimited service of all the beer, wine, and liquor you can handle. The bartenders are incredibly nice and will make pretty much anything. You can even order shots! HELLO – save the calories lmao. But be careful. They are a fun bunch and it can get rowdy quickly.
My recommended drinks: Miami Vice with rum on top, Dirty Banana, and the Hummingbird. If you’re a wuss with shots, ask for something fruity.


Before you leave, plan at least one late night (if you’re grandparents like us and want to go to bed at 9 pm) and head to the speakeasy on the hillside. You need a passcode to get in but any staff member will tell you. And trust me, you will make friends with the staff, they are the nicest people I’ve ever met. After the Rabbit Hole, head over to the beach bar on the beachside that sits under the Italian restaurant. This place bumps hard after hours with all the jams you 20 somethings like to groove to.


I think I have cover most (not all b/c I’d need a blog post: part 2) of my favorite things about Sandals Ocho Rios. We already want to go back and writing this has solidified my thoughts of it being the best vacation spot ever. It was a treat living a week in paradise and an honor to meet such sweet and caring people. It is definitely not goodbye, but a ‘see you later’ type place.Until next time, Ocho Rios.

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NASH BASH – How to Plan a Bachelorette Weekend in Nashville


*HUGE shout-out to my MOH for planning a killer bachelorette trip and making it so memorable. xoxo

Nashville is a fu*#ing blast – and don’t @ me about it. It’s not here to play, and it’s not for the faint of heart. It is, however, a good compromise between Crazy Vegas Party and Laid Back Charleston. And that’s why I chose it for my bachelorette weekend.


You will eat some of the best food, meet some of the nicest people, and rock out 24/7 to live country music *and some other genres occasionally* Our time was limited as we went on a Saturday through Monday trip. In case you are wondering if the City of Music shuts down on Sundays, it doesn’t. You will still be able to eat all the good food and dance to the beat of live music – all while enjoying crowded but not packed bars (my friends and I don’t like being squished like sardines any more than you do).

First things first – rent an AirBNB house! Live a little bit of a lush life while you’re there. It’s worth it, treat yoself! Especially considering you can rent a house nightly for the price of a hotel room rate. You may be a short Uber ride into downtown, but it will be SO worth it and a little bit of luxury never hurt no one. Here is a link to the house we stayed in. Highly recommend for a group of 7-10 or so people.


  1. You must must MUST take part in the Ponton Saloon (essentially a booze cruise with good country jams and BYOB) 
  2. DEFINITELY eat brunch at the Tavern over the weekend (worth the wait but you can also call ahead on your way there to put your name in) and while you wait you can drink at the bar HEYOOOO
  3. More places to EAT:
    Nashville hot chicken and Mac n cheese – ACME
    Solid choice for casual lunch and drinks – Jason Aldean’s Kitchen & Rooftop Bar
    Grab coffee – 8th and Roast
  4. Hit the BARS baby – Tootsies, ACME, Nudie’s, and Honky Tonk Central are all blasts day or night.
    *A lot of the bars are open until 3 AM which makes for a bomb ass time if your group can rally 

Essentially, Nashville is a hell of a time and a lot to fit in while there for 48 hours – but it is doable! The food is great, people are chatty, and bar scene is poppin’ off. Already thinking about another girl’s trip because there is so much to see and do.

Have you been to Nashville or are you thinking of planning a trip?! LMK if you’ve heard of other site-seeing I didn’t mention as I’d love to know for my next NASH BASH.


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5 Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars *No Bake*

“This took 15 minutes to prepare yet I feel a step closer to a certified chef.”


Do you love peanut butter? How about a chocolate-y graham cracker-y goodness? Yeah, I thought so.

So.. you can kinda tell from the title where this is going. 5 ingredients, 15-20 minutes of prep, and you have some delicious post-dinner treats that took little time and $$ to prepare.

The recipe I used: https://chefsavvy.com/peanut-butter-chocolate-bars/


1. creamy peanut butter – 1 1/2 cups
2. powdered sugar – 1 1/2 cups
3. chocolate chips – 1 1/2 cups
4. butter (melted) – 1 cup = 2 sticks
5. graham crackers (crushed) – 2 cups


Start out by spraying your 9×13″ baking pan with cooking spray. Set aside while you prepare the mixture.

You’ll want your butter to be melted and your graham crackers crushed. You can crush the graham crackers in a Ziploc bag with anything heavy you have in the kitchen.


Combine ingredients: 1 cup peanut butter, powdered sugar, melted butter, and crushed graham crackers. Mix together until everything is thoroughly combined, and you reach an even consistency.

Once finished stirring, let’s move this mix to your baking pan and spread evenly on the bottom of the pan. Let this sit while we prepare the chocolate spread.


In a microwave-safe dish, add the chocolate chips and remaining 1/2 cup of peanut butter. Heat in the microwave in 15 second intervals (stirring in between), until the mixture is completely melted. Next you will want to take a spoon and drizzle this evenly over your peanut butter graham cracker mix. You can also use a spatula to coat the top of the mixture as well.


Place your pan in the refrigerator and let cool at least 1-1.5 hours before you cut into bars. And now you have a delicious treat to share with all of your friends! Let me say.. this makes a lot. You’d have to have a HUGE sweet tooth to finish this on your own in less than a couple weeks. I’d highly recommend sharing to save the calories Image result for wink emoji .. or not!


Have you made anything similar to this? Please let me know if you try it! It’s so yummy and takes little time to make on a Sunday evening before bedtime.

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Topsail Feature: Inlet 790

“This is my last post from vacation I promise.”


My final restaurant feature from Topsail Island surrounds the Inlet 790, located at 790 New River Inlet Rd, North Topsail Beach, North Carolina.

This place had crab, chicken, and was a seafood lover’s dream – all located in a tropical setting along the water. It was raining when we went, so we didn’t have the luxury of sitting outside, but I wish we had!

This restaurant is located inside the Villa Capriani condos, and for that reason we could not find it last year and didn’t go LOL. So this year, we checked it out ahead of time and knew exactly where to enter. There is a parking lot across the street from it with plenty of free parking for you and your family.

I was feeling a lighter meal this night, so I first enjoyed a clam chowder, and then a Caesar salad.


Both dishes were awesome. Great flavor, and exactly what I was expecting from a restaurant located along the water. Of course I couldn’t go without getting one dish that involved something seafood related.

For those non-seafood lovers, there is a great selection of chicken/beef options! My fiancé chose the caprese chicken with a balsamic glaze, accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. It looked so mouth-watering.

Everything was cooked to perfection and presently beautifully. We had a great time and were thankful to find a stellar restaurant minutes from our beach house. I would highly recommend.

Cocktails were great as well!

That concludes my Topsail-related blog posts… hope everyone enjoyed. ❤


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