HEALTHY HABITS | mind, body & soul part II

today we are discussing healthy habits for your mind, body and soul. I’m sure you clicked on this to seek inspiration and that’s exactly what I’m bringing you! grab a cup and let’s manifest

as always, thank you for spending time with me XOXO

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Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal
Calm app
Yoga with Adriene
Just a Tip with Megan Batoon (podcast)
Whitney Simmons fitness inspiration




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GYMSHARK HAUL + TRY ON | camo, vital, flex

WHAT’S UP fam jam a lam. Today we have another GYMSHARK haul and try on of pieces from the camo, vital, and flex collections. I hope that you enjoy and this video is helpful! As always, thank you for being here and spending time with me XOXO

Height: 5’4″
Weight: 150 lbs
Size: medium for everything
Whitney Simmons x Gymshark review


THE GOOD STUFF: Camo leggings – sage…
Vital seamless t-shirt – pink marl…
Flex sports long sleeve crop – black…




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5 healthy habits for your life, body & soul

“It’s time to get my mind, body, and soul aligned.”


HEY FAM, WHAT’S UP? I’ve missed writing. So we’re diving back into it. Also because I’ve taken a small break from YouTube for the time being while it’s been hard to find time to film. It’s easier to film vlogs so I don’t have to set up a scene with a background and lights and all that shit. Know what I’m sayin’? Irrelevant, so let’s move on.

While I have you here, I want to talk to you about 5 big (but easy) changes I’ve made since the start of this year and how I’ve stuck with them. I also want to dive into how I’ve been feeling since making these changes and how it’s positively affected the health of my body and mind.

I turned 26 at the end of 2018, and the past few years of my life have felt simultaneously peaked, but like a clusterfuck all at the same time (lmao – anyone else?).

Since 2017, here’s a list of some pretty crazy life events:
– I had bell’s palsy (shitty)
– I got married (peak of my life)
– I developed cystic acne (shitty)
– I traveled outside the US for the first time (fun & exciting)
– I experienced anxiety (shitty & terrifying)
– Started a YouTube channel (both exciting & scary)

These are just a few examples of how my life has been back and forth recently. I have an amazing fucking life, don’t think I’m saying I don’t. I just want to plant the seed for explaining why I felt the need to make the following 5 life changes and the passion behind implementing them.

I’m in my mid-twenties, it’s time for me to take control of my life and not watch it pass me by. Capisce? Here’s what I’ve been doing to improve my all-around health.

Make the gym a routine

THIS HAS BEEN MY FAVORITE. Truly. When you feel strong, you feel good. It’s as simple as that. Not to mention feeling confident in your body s the most gratifying reward.
It doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to run on empty.
Start slow and easy. The best way I’ve found to incorporate a new routine is to take it step-by-step.
– join a gym
– commit to 1-2 fitness classes a week
– give strength training or at-home workout routines a try
– just GO and get yourself there
– don’t let “I’m out of shape and don’t know where to start” stop you!


I promise you, if you start and commit to one week at a time, your routine will fall into place. I’ve fallen in love with a good sweat session of HIIT cardio, strength training with squats and weights, and even struggling through a yoga class. The point is, I’m making myself go – no excuses. And the beauty of it is it’s turned into a routine for me so I feel compelled (and even enjoy) to exercise weekly.

Pick up a book & set a reading goal


THIS. Who else has a reading goal set for the year? Let me start by saying, I ADORE GOODREADS.COM – it is my ride or die reading platform. You can log and review any book you have ever read, and keep track of books you want to read. Finishing a book almost becomes addicting as I want to immediately rush to Goodreads and hear what people are saying and how those thoughts align with my own.
Seeing your reading goal and progress of books you are currently reading as a physical motivator helps to maintain this goal and set to achieving it.
Similar to the gym routine, start slow and easy. You don’t need to set a reading goal for the year, but how about you start by picking up a book? Or downloading an audiobook? Reading has given me an extra release of stress in the evenings as I wind down from work and turn my mind to OFF. Not to mention you can escape your own reality 😉

Make healthier choices as to what I put in my body


Oh baby. Boy, oh boy, is this one tricky. Again, my mantra here today is: SLOW AND EASY. You don’t have to accomplish everything all at once. Maybe your first step is cutting out pre-packaged breakfast bars in the morning and substituting that for fruit or overnight oats.
There is no need to stop eating all sweets and sugars, but maybe you can substitute healthier options one at a time. Here are the substitutes I’ve been making:

breakfast: no more packaged bfast bars w/ loads of carbs and sugar
try instead: fresh fruit & Greek yogurt, overnight oats, eggs and toast
lunch: cut out packaged meals such as easy-mac and rice-a-roni
try instead: leftovers from dinner the night before! cook a little extra so this step is a no-brainer
dinner: cut out frozen meals
try instead: fresh veggies, marinated meats (chicken & beef), whole grain pasta/rice
snacks: again, cut out the packaged food
try instead: walnuts, whole fruit, and girl allow yourself some chocolate once in awhile xo

Implementing this step has led to a stronger fitness journey (and easier since I’m not slowed down by unnecessary sugar in my diet). Plus it’ll allow you to see the results you are looking for much faster. In general, I feel better when I am putting healthier food into my body.

Take time to reflect: journaling & yoga


JOURNALING: Don’t even think about this one – just do it. This is as easy as writing your thoughts/feelings onto lined paper. You don’t have to buy a fancy $30 planner. You can even keep a journal in Google docs. However it is, start writing. It may not be your thing, but how can you know until you begin? I found out very quickly that bullet journaling is the most natural way for me to keep track of how I am feeling as well as checking in with myself (which we often forget to do).


YOGA: one suggestion – Yoga with Adriene. She is calming and has a yoga for every stress in your life. Back pain? She has a routine. Hungover? Yeah, there’s one for that too. Feeling anxious? This meditation melts the tightness in my chest and I feel brand new before bed. Don’t think – just try it.
Wondering what it’s like to try yoga for 7 days straight? I did, and here is my experience.

Spend less time on my phone & turn off social media notifications

This one is new for me, but damn is it having a huge impact on my mind. There are ways to disable notifications, limit your time on apps, etc. Just check your phone settings. I have the Google Pixel and on it there is a Digital Wellbeing section in ‘settings’. I know iPhones have a similar feature, and if there’s one thing you take from this, please go to this feature and check your screen time for today.

Is it higher than you expected? Lower? Regardless, maybe it can be better.

I started to feel like my phone was taking over my mind. I could come home after work and spend 45 mins scrolling on social media instead of having a conversation with my husband. Or how about watching IG stories at lunch instead of reading a book (I kicked this habit and now read non-fiction during lunch).

This is a personal goal of mine, and it may not be for everybody, but I wasn’t happy with how addicted I felt to my phone. It’s quite cringey, tbh. I turned off all notifications for IG, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Below is a screenshot of my time spent on my phone from one Wednesday to the next. Look at the difference in screen time on Instagram. Not to mention I was on my phone about 2/3 LESS than a week before. Just seeing the decrease in time lowers my stress. Lol. Anyone else?

WOW. This was wordy. I hope it wasn’t too much. If you made it this far, thank you for investing time in reading. Did you pick up some good habits? Do you already do some of these? I’m curious to know – what else should I be doing?

It starts as a small change, but makes a huge impact on your health. LOVE YOU ALL – take care of yourself.


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ANOTHER WEEKEND VLOG | Let’s chat: fitness & facials

HEY THERE FRIENDS of the interweb. What’s crack-a-lackin’? I need to write this fast as my husband is on his way home from a weekend trip and I need to clean the house LOL – this past week includes some gym time, yoga, food (as always), and we chat about my first facial experience!

hope you enjoy this and as always thank you for spending time with me xoxo

Kalyn Nicholson lower body strength training routine
Yoga with Adriene (yoga in beginning of video)
Facial was from Lather Up




I TRIED MORNING YOGA FOR 7 DAYS | Beginner | Self care series

Whoa. this was a good one. to start, let me tell you why I did this:
– to push outside my comfort zone
– to stop saying “I need to try this” and ACTUALLY DO IT
– to prove to myself that I could (to send you the same message)
– and to commit for 7 days straight and see how I felt

The end of the video has some pretty enlightening footage that I can’t wait to look back on. Encourages me to keep going.

Thank you, as always, for spending your time with me xo





Wanderlust Wednesday: My First Half Marathon

“I can’t promise I’ll ever do this again, but it was so worth it.”

Official time: 2:20:44

Prior to November 19th, 2016, I had never ran more than 10 miles. Two weeks before the race, I had never ran more than 7, and a week before that no more than 5. If you do the math, that means in the last three weeks leading up to my race I went from 5 miles to 10.

This is where I want you to stop doubting you would ever be able to do this, and reread my first paragraph if you’re having second thoughts.

I played soccer in high school and ran track as well (though only short distances). Throughout college I went on leisurely runs by myself or with friends, maxing out at about 3 miles each time. Running any longer than 30 minutes bored me, and quite frankly it hurt. Because after 30 minutes I am tired, and want to stop.

At the persuasion of my boyfriend, I was encouraged to sign up for this half marathon. The race was in November, and I signed up/started training in May. Training over the summer months sucks, but it does wonders. It felt like my body was used to working in overdrive as I sweat and gasped in the relentless heat. As fall approached, and the temperature dropped, the running became easier. The four mile run with a break in the middle turned into six miles without stopping.

I had a 50/50 mix of training by myself and with others, and that is exactly what I’d recommend. Running alone gives you the opportunity to find your pace and rhythm, while running with someone gives you energy and motivation to keep going when your feet are begging you to stop.

The night before the race, a group of us went to Maggiano’s in the city for a pre-race carb overload. The pasta was incredible, and offered the perfect boost of energy. I went to bed around 9:30 that night and was up the next morning at 5:30, ready to rock n’ roll.

The beginning of the race wasn’t bad, as I knew in my mind I had to run the full 13.1 miles. I started to get tired around 6 miles, which is where I lost track of my boyfriend. I RAN THE REMAINING 7 MILES BY MYSELF and will always be so proud of that! I finished in 2 hours and 20 minutes (10 mins behind the bf), which is roughly a 10:45/minute mile pace. My parents and close friends were signed up for text alerts, so even my rents knew three hours away when I made it halfway and finished. The congratulatory texts and calls poured in, and the finish line was the most amazing sight of 2016.

After the race you have to keep moving. Stretch your legs, drink water, walk around, squat and stretch some more. It’s necessary. Then get your ass to a brunch spot and hog out on stuffed French toast like I did!

So that’s my story and how I conquered 13.1 miles. It was not easy, but it was not the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. I may have taken the subsequent month and a half off, but I’m itching to start running again and getting back into shape.

Please share below in the comments if you have a similar story about running your first race! It’s a worthy accomplishment, and you can do it.

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