“This has to be the best weekend of my entire life.”

Soooo I acknowledge I’ve been a little MIA recently. There are a few reasons as to why, mainly concerning my health and a sporadic ear infection, perforated eardrum, and then an episode of bells palsy thrown my way.

It’s been HECTIC. Talk about a million curve balls.

But among all the chaos.. I’ve gotten ENGAGED!!! Yaaaaayyyyyy. And I want to share the incredible experience here on my blog.


It started as a trip to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Center City, Philadelphia. Andrew and I had planned on being “tourists” in our own city a few months ago, and it was the day to do it! It was particularly rainy, but he insisted I throw on a dress and do my hair and makeup (yeah, okay).

So I putted around my apartment and curled my hair and threw on some eyeshadows and mascara (which, let me tell you, is no small task when your right eye isn’t blinking from the bells palsy). My roommate played it so casual as she ordered Greek food for dinner and claimed she “had no plans for the evening.”

We took an uber into the city and arrived within minutes. We got out of the car to walk towards Independence Hall and he stopped me halfway to tell me he loved me and that was probably the moment I knew. Because what guy is going to stop you from walking in public to tell you they love you?

So then he asked the question every girl dreams of hearing her entire life. His sisters ran over to me and I was shaking and laughing and crying and it was all a beautiful mess.

Then we popped some champagne. Obvi.

So then we go to dinner and I eat 1/4 of my mac n’ cheese because.. well, I’M A FIANCE and still can’t believe it! Huge shout-out to Jones restaurant for the amazing dinner and hosting both of our families for the celebration.

If you thought I was done with the story you’ll be pleasantly surprised because..

Andrew: “Did you want to stop over at Field House (Center City bar) for a drink? I can text my roommates.”
Me: “Sure! Just keep in mind I’m still on medicine so I could only go for a drink or two.”

In the meantime I’m texting me friends telling them to meet me in the city and they’re all so conveniently “busy” or “working.” Can you guess where this is going? If not, picture a private room full of 30-40 of our closest friends and family cheering as I walk in. Can you guess what I did next? Picture me sobbing into everyone’s arms as my friends from DC, Florida, and Denver come walking out from the back of the room.

This boy. Thought of. Everything.


And then we had the most magical night ever full of laughs, drinks, and pictures. Now hopefully we’ll live happily ever after, am I right? The end. 🙂

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