Bullet Journaling for Beginners (BuJo 101)

“I’m just a girl trying to get her shit together.”

So you want to start bullet journaling – right? You’ve come to the right place. Thanks for joining me. Please grab a cup of coffee, soda, or sparkling water if you’re a gal on the keto diet (lol – me). But really, I just want you to get cozy and hang out because this is a long post. I didn’t realize how much content I’d have for this until I started photographing my bujo.

I had a lot more put together than I previously thought, but that means a lot of juicy material for you to read through and incorporate into your bullet journal!

Let me start by saying that a friend of mine recommended getting a bujo and I was immediately intrigued. Organize, track your monthly calendar, and have the ability to record your thoughts (similar to a diary) all in one. Sign me up.

First, I purchased my journal here on Amazon. You’ll want to buy one that has dots in it for lots of creativity – and also opportunities to use your ruler for satisfying straight lines. It was $14.99 with prime shipping and came with a ruler, emoji stickers (which I have yet to use), and nice pages that barely show the ink marks of my pen through them.

It starts with my table of contents, where I lay out each page for ease of flipping through.

Next are the pages: birthdays and what makes me happy. I haven’t entirely filled in either page but it’s a work in progress! When you have something new to include, flip here and fill in more content.

Now we have a daily mood tracker and a list of books to read. Also yet to be filled out, but here you can see how I set up those pages. To track your mood you can use symbols, color-code it, or the emoji stickers. It’s up to you and your creative juices!

Up next are two pages I consider helpful for my mental health: a list of things I can control and self care tips. These help keep me in check on a daily basis and remember that the small issues controlling your emotions are just that – small issues. And frequently beyond your control.

Next is where I want to record my travel goals – we all have them! Later in the year I will be adding Jamaica for my honeymoon and Nashville for my bachelorette trip.


On the next page are chores to live in a clean house. I list out the daily chores, weekly, and monthly. This helps keep me on track to clearing out the apartment as well as tidying up on a daily basis.

For the next part we are getting into the current month: August! Here you will see my daily gratitude list. I LOVE THIS LIST. It helps me find the good in every day, because there is good in every day. Write it down – one thing or two. Prove to yourself you can spot something good in every day and at the end of the month you’ll be surprised at what you see.

Next is a calendar overview of the month, with a notes column along the side for random tidbits.

Lastly, my daily logs (notice I accidentally wrote ‘vlog’ LOL)! Here you can write a little more to what each day involves, and track your emotions here as well. The idea is to keep things short and sweet, and be honest. If it’s a bad day, it’s not a big deal – at least you can acknowledge that.

So that’s my bullet journal! It is a work in progress but I take it everywhere and try to keep up with it throughout the day or at least once a day at nighttime as an overview of how my day went.

Do you have a bujo? Are you thinking of starting one? Please lmk what your thoughts are and how you like it if you already have one!

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42 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling for Beginners (BuJo 101)

    1. AHHHHH!! So happy you found something useful from this. I really love it! It keeps me on track. and if this makes sense, also helps me track how I’m feeling so I find it extremely beneficial to my mental health so I’m not losing my feelings in the daily mix

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  1. This is such a helpful post! I’ve alwaya wanted to do a bullet journal. I already have a dotted notebook and some materials but ugh, I really am so not creative at all! I suck at drawing, designing and coloring though I really want to try making one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is what you make it! Totally doesn’t have to be beautiful, and also, never has to be seen by anyone! 😉 Just yourself. It really helps me clear my head and jot down feelings.
      AND look on Pinterest for “easy bullet journal drawings” to copy


    1. Thank you for reading girlfriend! My favorite part is having an outlet for my feelings. I’ve gotten so consumed lately in stressful situations and I noticed I wasn’t channeling that stress anywhere and would have random outbursts. Since writing down my thoughts and referring to my page like “things I can control” it helps remind me to bring it back to earth haha 🙂


  2. I have a bullet journal and I absolutely love it! I’ve had mine for a year and a half. My first bullet journal was so nicely designed, and I played around loads with different types of layouts and school. This year I’ve been so busy, I’ve been super minimalistic, and then I added stickers and washi tape to “dress it up”. I really love some of the spreads you’ve made. Some of them are really creative, and I just never thought to add them to my bullet journal! Great post xxx
    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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  3. This is so helpful, thanks so much for sharing. I am obsessed when it comes to stationery, I buy a new notebook every week lol! I will have to consider a bullet journal! X

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