Putting a Spotlight on Casey Holmes x Smashbox Highlighter

“See what I did there with the title… SPOTLIGHT palette… get it???”

This post is way overdue – I totally get that. But if there’s one thing we all agree on, it’s probably a bangin’ highlighter palette review am I right?

First off I shamelessly want to say I’m obsessed with Casey Holmes. Everything she stands for. If you are not already watching her on YouTube, I’m going to conveniently plug her channel here. If there were ever a time to kick back, crack a cold one, and chill out on a Friday night – it would be with Casey Holmes.

But enough about that we can get to the good stuff. Casey’s collaboration with Smashbox Cosmetics is this Spotlight Highlighter palette (mine is the pearl palette but there’s also a gold for deeper skin tones). The “lightest” or rather “most natural” shade is turn it on, middle intensity is crank it up and your clubbin’ highlight is blow a fuse (formulated with the most sparkle).

This palette is GORGEOUS. I think the easiest way to lay it out will be pros and cons.


  • blends like a dream – I am not left looking like I applied a streak of highlight to my face
  • the shade turn it on gives a beautiful glow yet is subtle enough to look from within
  • the ability to go from soft glow to ultra glam in one palette
  • the versatility to use as a highlighter or shimmer shade on your eyes
  • melts into your skin
  • intensifies even more with a setting spray applied first


  • tbh the only thing I was thinking this entire time was the cost but when you think about it, you get three incredible shades for $35.00 and this will last you longer than a year – WORTH. IT.

So those are my thoughts! I don’t think you can go wrong to purchase this highlight as each shade is smooth and buttery, worthy of its own attention. This palette gives you the option to stay subtle or glow to the heavens. All at a cost that makes sense and somewhat supports an incredible influence in the YouTube realm.

My hat’s off to you, Casey Holmes.


KS Loves

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