Here’s Why You Need the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette in Your Life

“Hands down the most I’ve reached for a palette in years.”


This. Palette.

Omg, this palette.


THIS PALETTE. Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. Should I start with the colors and shade range? No, how about the pigmentation? Blendability? How about the affordable price? Supporting a YouTuber in her own creation? The list goes on.

Jaclyn Hill absolutely slayed this Morphe collaboration and I am incredibly happy to have finally gotten my hands on this. You can find it here for $38.00.


I feel like I’ve never been so driven to write a post commending a makeup product before. I have used this over, and over, and over again since I bought it. The colors blend like a dream, the pigment is THERE x 100, and the selection of colors makes it incredibly easy for whatever look you are going for.

We have reds, we have deep browns, highlight shades, transition colors, and even a little dabbling into a daring color scheme of teals and greens. It really is a one-palette-fits-all type of situation on my makeup vanity.

Whether you need a brown to blend into your crease for some depth, or a full-blown smokey eye, this palette will not let you down.

I rest with this, 35 shadows for $38? That’s a steal. Kudos to Jaclyn and Morphe on this bangin’ palette at such an affordable price. I won’t need to buy another palette for a year – or until my next urge!


KS red lips isolated in white

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