Clean Your Makeup Brushes with One Item from the Drugstore

“Hint: it’s baby soap! *gasp* That’s right, I said it – and I put it to the test.”


That’s right, people. I washed my makeup brushes with baby soap. And guess what? It’s a flippin miracle. Forget $30 brush wash or spot treatments. You can clean an entire set of brushes in less than $4. MULTIPLE TIMES.


I really should be able to end this post right here, because I’m sure you’re convinced. I don’t see how you couldn’t be. However, allow me to explain and go through the method of cleaning so that you can also do this at home! Ballin’ on a budget, amirite???

  1. Gather all your dirty brushes – big and small, face and eye brushes, we don’t discriminate here. You can start with bigger brushes first and then we’ll move onto small brushes. My reasoning here is because you will dispense similar amounts of soap depending on the brush size and it would be annoying to go big, small, big, small, etc.

2. Wet the tip of your brush under a slow and lukewarm stream of water from the sink.

3. Dab a dime-size amount of soap into your less dominant palm.


4. Begin to swirl your brush into the palm of your hand to create a lather. Be as careful as you can with your brush, doing your best to not turn it right side up (with the bristles in the air). We don’t want the water seeping to the base of your brush hairs – this will cause rust and shedding.

5. Run the tip of the brush back under the stream of water just enough to wet it again. Gently squeeze out excess water, this is when you will see the color of foundation and powder on the bottom of your sink.

6. Repeat with the lathering and “rinsing” until your water excess runs clear.


One of the most important steps: let your brushes air dry against a cloth to absorb excess water or off the side of a counter (as mine are pictured above). You don’t want to ruin these beauties. Lay them bitches out to air dry.

This will probably take overnight – so I’d recommend washing them in the evening.

And that’s it! Easy, simple, and AFFORDABLE. I also have an affordable way to wash your beauty sponges too, if anyone wants a little blog post on that.


KS red lips isolated in white

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