DIY: Rustic Coffee Table (gray stain)

“All credit goes to Ana White and the incredible plans she puts online!”


Who’s ready for a fun (and manageable) DIY project?!

Full disclosure: I owe all of the credit to my fiancé for putting this together, but I will say my take on this was the gray stain to fit our “modern rustic” theme.

Before we jump in, here is the plan for the coffee table, and the matching end tables. Yes, we made both! And we followed the directions precisely. Our wood came straight from Home Depot, along with the screws, gray wood stain, etc. etc.

Above you will see how the wood looked when we bought it! Plain and normal looking. Andrew built this all by himself with tools he had at home plus a rented sander from Home Depot. Just follow all of the instructions step-by-step and you’ll achieve the same finish!

Below is a look at how our end tables turned out (before the “x’s” were added). They are essentially smaller versions of the coffee table.

Once the assembly was complete, we took to staining it! We used a light gray wood stain from Home Depot (they should really sponsor me at this point lmao). The table only needed one coat of the stain and we worked in sections to ensure an evenness in color depth. Below is how the table top turned out before assembling – exactly the way we envisioned it!

And lastly, here are a few pictures of the finished products! It was really fun to put our own spin on this DIY project, and you can really paint the table/end tables any color you’d like to match your décor. I love the way this looks in our apartment with a few rustic touches and of COURSE some fall decorations/candles.

Did you build any of the furniture in your home? Have you heard of Ana White before? Her plans are all over Pinterest so I’d suggest checking out her website if you’re interested in putting together some unique furniture.


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