Lip Luxury: Milani Moisture Lock Lip Oil Treatment

“I would pay more than $8.00 for this lip moisturizer.”


Chapped, dry lips from the sun at the beach? Or maybe you’re just looking for a nighttime moisturizer to soothe your lips while you catch some Zzzz’s. I’ve found the answer for the best quality and price point, and that is the Milani Moisture Lock Lip Oil Treatment for $8.00 (at any CVS). Personally, I like the almond coconut scent, but I haven’t tried any other ones yet.

It can be kind of strange, slathering on a lip oil before going to bed. You’re like, “Is this going to be messy?” or “Will I get it on my pillow?” No, no, my friends. Right before you crawl into bed and put on an episode of Friends (or whichever Netflix show you’re binging atm), use your favorite lip scrub – or not – and coat your lips with this soothing lip oil treatment.


It is such a creamy and thick formula that gives all the luxury you could imagine applying to chapped lips. The applicator is wide, which helps to distribute the product evenly and cover more surface. I typically don’t need to dip the applicator back into the bottle, as one coat is enough.

This is my holy grail for nighttime lip moisture and I would be happy to pay more than $8.00 for this, which says a lot about the quality of a drugstore lip treatment. I would absolutely recommend this to someone dealing with chapped or dry lips and have already done so! Hopefully my mom isn’t reading this, because she’ll probably get it for her next birthday.

Has anyone else tried this? Or any other Milani lip care products? Please let me know – as I’m always wanting to try new things!

FYI: other flavors are – lemon honey, peach mango, grapeseed, primrose, grapefruit, pomegranate, and raspberry.

KS red lips isolated in white

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