Carli Bybel’s $100k Goal for Cambodia

“It may have been small, but I made my contribution.”


So if you haven’t heard, Carli Bybel is launching her own makeup line, called Pranava Beauty. BUT FIRST, she released four bracelets in hopes of raising $100k in a month to present a number of young girls in Cambodia with scholarships to help them further their education.

The secret’s out – she did it!

I have a newfound respect for Carli, because now she isn’t just a YouTuber. Which is already a full-blown 24/7 job. She stands for something much larger than makeup, and that is someone looking to inspire the world, and not just by speaking, but acting on it.

Her first release on her website are the Charity Bracelets, which stand for: hope, energy, balance and serenity. The bracelets retail at $20.00, and shipping is $4.95 (if I remember correctly). The bracelet shipped quickly and arrived fast as well, and that was after thousands of people pre-ordered before the shipping date.

I chose serenity – which “comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.”


I think these bracelets have great meaning behind them, considering you are helping girls in another country receive professional education. And it’s a great reminder on your wrist to keep yourself in the right mindset. Not to mention, it’s stunning AF.


I thought the price point was on par for these bracelets (similar to Carli’s affordable eyeshadow palettes), and was sold after watching her YouTube video introducing the brand and what it stood for.

Are you a Carli fan and did you buy one of these as well? What are your thoughts?! I’m interested to hear what other’s think.. outside stalking the YouTube comments on the video hahaha

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