Ride or Die $5 Liquid Lipsticks + SWATCHES

“I’m lookin’ at you, Wet n Wild.”


Ooookay. I’ve been meaning to dive into these magnificent lippie products for awhile now. Let me just start by saying…


Do I need to say anymore? No, probably not. The Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks are sweeping the drugstore shelves. The color payoff is outstanding, the lasting effects are all day, and the formula is very comfortable. I do not consider these liquid lipsticks tacky to the touch, and they glide on beautifully after one or two coats. It feels like I’m wearing nothing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they dupe the Too Faced melted matte lipsticks, but they come pretty damn close.

The shades I have: Rebel Rose, Nice to Fuchsia, and Berry Recognize.

First up we have Rebel Rose, a deep pinky nude perfectly paired with any makeup look.

Second, we have Nice to Fuchsia, a brighter/bold fuchsia color that adds a pop of color to any neutral eye look.

Lastly, the third color is Berry Recognize, a deeper berry (almost vampy) lip color that adds a bold look.


  • incredibly long-wearing
  • intense color to make as bold of a statement as you desire
  • decent shade selection ranging from nude to bold/vampy (13 colors)
  • comfortable formula that lasts through eating, drinking, and a day of errands
    – Can I just say Nice to Fuchsia lasted me through an entire all-you-can-eat-and-drink brunch full of mimosas, pancakes, chips and guacamole, and more drinking
  • $5


  • I have none, except that I don’t own every color by now!

I think everyone could benefit from buying at least one shade in this range. I hope Wet n Wild keeps these forever and expands the range so we can be blessed with more options to #slay our nights out.

Did you like these? Did you hate them? Are there other drugstore products similar to these for a similar price? Please let me know so I’m not missing out!IMG_20170402_151816


KS red lips isolated in white

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