Magical Makeup Monday: February IPSY Review

“Give me all the makeup!”


For this month’s Ipsy bag, I got a lot of variety! We have some skincare, a face tool, and three different makeup products. For those of you wondering, Ipsy is a $10/month makeup bag subscription tailored to suit your wants/needs! It is perfect for experimenting with new brands and products, as well as skincare items. I have yet to be disappointed with Ipsy’s services, though I will admit I’ve been considering Boxycharm as of late – but that’s a whole other story.

Let’s jump into this:

  1. NYX Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry I quite enjoy this lipstick, and the color is right down my alley! True to its name, when applied, this lipstick has a smooth velvety and buttery glide to it. It feels SO comfortable on the lips, and the color applies nicely. You definitely have to layer it for full-coverage on the lips, but the color turns out nicely. I can’t speak to the longevity of this lipstick, but I can report that it does transfer and really doesn’t dry down to a matte finish (for those of you wondering).
    This retails for $6.00.

2. IBY Beauty Highlighter in Bubbly I am kinda “ehhhh” about this product. I should disclaim: I’m not a huge highlighter fanatic, I’m really not experienced when it comes to this product. That being said, this highlighter didn’t seem to have much color payoff, and came off very pinky as opposed to a real “shine factor.” This wasn’t my cup of tea, but presumably fits other’s interests?
This retails for $12.00.

3. Promise Organic Nourishing Coconut Milk Daily Facial Scrub This might’ve been the winner for me this month! I’m already a huge skincare geek, and this daily exfoliator feeds right into my obsession. Currently, I use the Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub, which is super gentle on my skin, but much less gritty. This Promise Organic scrub, blended with organic walnuts and sugar, contains much more beads for a deeper exfoliation. Don’t let this scare you, as it claims to be safe for sensitive skin as well as daily use. I am really loving this so far.
This retails for $9.99.

4. Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer LADIES. This might be the creamiest, smoothest bronzer I have ever swatched. That being said, they gave me a sample the size of a nickel, and I am hardly impressed with that. The color is a match and the formula is v blendable. I can hardly get my brush in this enough to give a solid review, and would love to get my hands on the full-sized item, though it comes at a pretty penny.
This retails for $25.00.

5. Luxie Beauty Brush 514 I really like this blush brush. This might’ve been my second favorite item in my bag this month. The brush applies product nicely, and picks up a good amount of color in my blushes. This is a very soft brush, and I’m hesitant to say “flimsy,” but it certainly isn’t as sturdy as some of my other brushes. It gives a lot as far as movement of a brush. I quite enjoy it and have officially added it to my collection!
This retails for $18.00.




So that’s it for my Ipsy bag review this month! Did you get any of the same products? What did you like and what didn’t tickle your fancy? Is there anything I need to spend my money on soon?!

KS red lips isolated in white

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