Facial Friday: Yes To… Face Mask Edition

“What a cute and unique idea. Yes to carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and the rest of the veggies!”

So these are really cool! Love the packaging and love that they sell all of these individual packets so you can try all of their products. I’m not sure how old/new the Yes To brand is, but I’ve heard a lot of hubbub surrounding them recently, and wanted to try each of these pictured above for myself. To be honest, when I go into Ulta or Target in search of these, I can’t seem to find any more than the three I’m going to review.

For clarity, I picked up the Brighten & Condition Argan Oil mud mask, the Calm & Soothe primRose Oil mud mask, and the Clear Skin Detoxifying Charcoal mud mask. All three are mud, well, obviously. So I have yet to try the paper or sheet masks. I am a huge fan of mud masks, they’re my favorite! Naturally, I reach for these before a peel-off or sheet mask.

First I tried the charcoal mud mask. This was my favorite. The mask dries really nicely, and smells great too! I left it on for 15 minutes, as instructed, then washed my face. First I use water to loosen the mud, then go in with a warm damp washcloth to rinse the rest away. This mask contains .5% salicylic acid, which I kind of worried about (as all sensitive-skin people would), but this did not irritate me at all! In fact, I saw an improvement in bumps overnight and attributed it to the acne-fighting ingredient. I’m pleasantly surprised to see they have this in a tube, so I will be purchasing that soon.

Then I tried the argan oil mud mask. This one was my least favorite of the three. It does not ever really “dry” on your face, so you’re left rinsing away a slithery, slimy mess. It was hard to wash off so I started scraping if off my cheeks with my nails. I usually go in with my Tarte maracuja oil after using a mask, but that was a mistake here, as the argan oil mask is mean to hydrate your skin. I’m already naturally oily, so this combo packed way too much moisture for me. I might recommend this to dry or mature skin, but not to those with a shiny t-zone.

The final mask I tried was the primRose mud mask. I wrote about the previous mask before I tried the primRose, and I can confidently say this mask was my least favorite. It was a very similar consistency to the argan oil mask, as I had a difficult time washing it away. It’s very thick, and never dries either. This time, I did not moisturize at all after using this mask, because it does such a great job at hydrating the skin. The reason I like this one the least? The smell. At first, I thought, okay this won’t bother me it’s just a little funky. No, not at all. Mid-way through I wanted to wash it off but figured I could stick it out. Finally after washing it off, thought I’d be rid of the scent, wrong. It lingers afterwards, and it’s the kind of scent that almost makes you want to gag (I know, I know, but I want to be honest and wouldn’t write it unless I thought that). I’m not someone who will ditch a mask due to the smell, but the fact that it’s slimy and never dries down, I don’t feel like it does much for my oily/troublesome skin. Then the smell on top of that? Nooo thanks.

Have any of you skincare lovers tried these masks yet?! Thoughts? Is there a certain one you’re going to repurchase? Should I try another kind in the Yes To brand? I welcome any and all thoughts below!

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