Magical Makeup Monday: My Makeup Spreadsheet

“This is the only way I can organize my makeup desires and remember them too.”


So I’d like to tackle the growing list that is my makeup wants/desires in a spreadsheet. And when it comes to free organization, Google sheets is your best friend. This makeup list has grown tremendously since I’ve created it, and it continues to do so. It is the easiest way to categorize makeup and skincare products that I want, and also track what I would like to buy next/have already purchased.

I list the categories in order of how I would apply my makeup (example: primer, then foundation, concealer, etc.), this just makes it easier to search the list, as it has become pretty extensive at this point.

I’ve recently decided to alphabetize each category, as it is difficult to search through all my lipstick wants, skimming for Wet n’ Wild Catsuit lipstick while I’m standing in CVS. So now when I am in a store searching for something I had documented, I will pull out the Google sheets to search for what I wanted.

The next step in this process is highlighting. I will highlight in blue once I’ve purchased a product. Then, before a larger haul, I will highlight in green the items I intend to purchase. This way I am not all over the place in Ulta running around like a makeup newb.

The other key to my spreadsheet is pricing out each item and listing where I can find it. Colourpop can only be found online, so I will state, “on website.” Wet n’ Wild is typically in Walmart or CVS, so I will list that. This is a huge part of my organization, as I can find products easier if I know where to look. It also helps eliminate walking around looking for e.l.f. in Ulta, as I know I should head to Target or the drugstore. Ya feel?

So that’s how I organize all of the makeup I intend to purchase! Does anyone else have a similar system? Any other techniques I should try? Open to any/all suggestions and comments.

KS red lips isolated in white

8 thoughts on “Magical Makeup Monday: My Makeup Spreadsheet

    1. HAHA girlfriend, so true. 🙌 Thanks for the read! It has definitely helped me stay organized, and I add to it like every other time I watch a YouTube tutorial/favorites video!


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