Wanderlust Wednesday: La Colombe Coffee Roasters

“This is like a grown-up tea party!”

La Colombe might have just turned into my new favorite coffee shop on weekends. Considering I don’t even live near one, and it’s near my boyfriend’s house, that means I need to leave the comfort of my home to get there – and I’m okay with that! I went to
La Colombe a couple weeks ago, and it didn’t disappoint. We were on the hunt for good-quality coffee and a sit-down experience, we received both.

Even on MLK day, where 50% of people are at work, the place was packed! There was a decent line already formed, but we were alright with that considering we needed time to skim the menu (and it moved fast anyways). La Colombe had an assortment of breakfast pastries, you’ll see my chocolate chip scone above, as well as hot breakfast sandwiches you could order. At 11:00 am, they open up their lunch menu, and you can order hot food for breakfast or lunch, as well as already prepared cold sandwiches!

La Colombe has a very industrial/rustic feel on the inside. It’s awesome. Switching it up from the usual dining settings gives this place a fun edge. The fact that you can see a lot of their machines and behind the counter really sells its authenticity.

Back to the coffee, they serve it to you in coffee mugs as if you’re taking it back to your living room you walked out of *though the place does not have a living room feel lol*. The coffee is delicious, I was a huge fan. I’m not a big coffee connoisseur, however I’m getting there. The coffee tasted really good, as did the scone.

I’m hopeful to find my way back to this place soon, as the girl beside us ordered a scrumptious-looking grilled cheese and tomato soup. The soup had cheese oozing out the sides between two toasted pieces of bread. I thought it couldn’t get any better, then I saw the frozen coffee drink she ordered and wish I’d have known about the frozen beverages! I love iced/frozen coffee drinks.

Nevertheless, awesome place with great coffee/food/atmosphere. I intend to go back soon! Been to a great coffee shop in Philly? Let a girl know in the comments below!

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