Magical Makeup Monday: Carli Bybel Palette & Swatches

“Carli has me hooked on her YouTube channel and now her eyeshadow palette.”


I feel like the Carli Bybel palette was custom-made for me. Where my blue-eyed girls at? And green? Can’t forget brown and hazel, because this palette is made for anyone. I love the transition from light and creamy shades to medium brown and dark plum. Not to mention the four highlighting shades ranging from a very light pinky tone to a deep bronzy gold. I have yet to touch the green shade in this palette, but that’s just a personal preference (haven’t found how to use green shadow with blue eyes yet). Give me time… or suggestions!

For those of you who haven’t watched Carli Bybel on YouTube yet, I will obviously link her channel. She. Is. A. Queen. And so fun to watch doing makeup tutorials. I also quite enjoy her skincare regimens and monthly favorites, as she’ll incorporate prices of everything right into her videos! Carli does a lot of dramatic looks, but will feature some stripped-down eye looks on her channel as well. I never get bored watching her, and her cats, and occasional cameo appearances of her boyfriend.

But enough about her <3… back to the palette.


The consistency of these shadows are beautiful, and blend wonderfully on the eyes. They are also v pigmented, so you won’t need to use a lot, and might want to tap your brush off before applying. I apply the lighter/shimmery shadows to the inner corners of my eyes with my fingers, as I notice they hold pigment the best that way. If you are used to spraying your brush with facial spray to enhance pigment, that works really well too!

Below are the eyeshadow swatches, starting with the top left corner of the palette to the bottom right, going across each row from left to right.

Indoor Lighting
Natural Lighting

With colors ranging from light to dark, Carli made it very easy to go from daytime to nighttime in one palette. You can keep it simple by adding a matte brown to your crease for a little depth, or go smokey by incorporating the dark mauve/plummy shades. Personally, my favorite tutorial on this palette is by Carli herself for her go-to look.

Below are the four highlighter shades from left to right.

Indoor Lighting
Natural Lighting

The highlighting shades probably take the cake for me in this palette. A lot of times, I find myself using the first two from the left side of the palette on the inner corners of my eyes for a pop of shimmer. The two darker gold/copper shimmer shades are stunning on the inner corner of the eye, and hold amazing pigment. Otherwise, they make great highlights on the tops of your cheeks, as they are meant to do!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this palette and what you think. Am I missing an eyeshadow combo from the colors available? Link me to your favorite Carli Bybel palette tutorial if you have one – I’m excited to expand my horizons!

KS red lips isolated in white

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