Fancy Friday: Ross Finds

“I could furnish my whole apartment with the home goods section here.”

I have always loved Ross. Ross’s home goods, the candles you find, the clothing and shoes, even the random trinkets along the perimeter of the store. It is definitely a great place to decorate on a budget. Even the clearance section can be full of valuable items for your home and closet. I like to think of it as the even more affordable TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Though Ross can tend to be picked over, their stores still carry a large assortment of goods and space to roam around.

I found this piece at the Ross in State College, PA. My roommate and I live in a two bedroom apartment that features an extra small room (too small to be a third bedroom). We use this room as additional closet space to store our clothes and shoes. I love the girly touch this brings to the space, as well as the colors. The room is white and rather plain besides my dresser and our clothing, so this is a perfect addition!

This I believe I also found in State College. I place this on top of my dresser to hold some of my favorite skin products, lipsticks, and brushes. Eventually, I may or may not move this to my vanity, as I am in the process of building that (post to come soon!). I find mirror products a cool way to display your belongings because of the reflection. Sometimes my tray can get a little crowded, but I think it’s best to keep it simple and elegant in regards to what you place on top.


Random candles are where it’s at. Let me repeat: get your cool candles here! I don’t even burn these candles, they’re just so fun to look at. I think the reason I don’t burn them is because I never want to throw them away, so they’ll sit looking like this forever. If you dig the look of statement pieces and candles, why not combine that into one? Dress up any nightstand/vanity with a candle like this for that extra pop of character.

So that’s everything for this Ross feature! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve found something unique inside Ross that you think I should see. When it comes to intricate pieces to fill your home, I can’t say you’ll need to look much further than Ross.

KS red lips isolated in white

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