Wanderlust Wednesday: Dam Donuts

“Dam, those donuts are delicious.”

Today’s Wanderlust feature takes place in the heart of Pennsylvania: Bellefonte! There are a few delightful locations in this historic town, such as some mom and pop restaurants, coffee shops, a park where everyone takes prom photos, and a semi-new donut shop called Dam Donuts.

Bellefonte was lacking as far as bakeries were concerned, and a new spot for morning coffee wasn’t a bad addition either. Nestled between a dance studio and sports shop, it seems fitting to place a donut shop right in the middle. Taking your daughter to an early dance rehearsal? Now you have somewhere to hang out while you wait. Open daily at 7:00 am (with the exception of Mondays), you are sure to find something to fit your tastebuds.

This place has… ALL THE DONUTS.

From top left to bottom right: Powdered Sugar, Plain w/ Cream Cheese icing, Vanilla w/ M&M Topping, Caramel Apple, Coffee Frosted, and Mint Frosted

You want plain? Done. Savory? Easy. Sweet and salty? Consider it handled! Dam Donuts can provide the simplest of donuts (“Original Donut”) to the most intricate (“Topped Donut”). You can also make your own creation with their variety of donut choices and toppings. You can add candy, caramel, cream cheese icing, and it doesn’t end there.

Flavors I’ve tried:

  • French Toast
  • Sticky Bun
  • cream cheese glazed
  • powdered sugar
  • PB&J (strange, but I’m willing to bet you’d try it)
  • coffee flavored
  • Salted Caramel
  • Caramel Apple



In addition to Dam Donuts serving amazing
donuts, did I mention it’s ADORABLE on the inside?! With a pink theme throughout, this warm and welcoming shop encourages you to sit and enjoy your breakfast before leaving. In fact, I popped a squat and typed this entire blog post sitting on their couch filled with donut pillows.

I’ve only been in the area three times since they’ve opened in May, and I’ve been to Dam Donuts, you guessed it, three times. I even sealed a few donuts in a tupperware container for my colleagues in Philadelphia a day later – and they were thoroughly impressed.

The donuts are fun, the display an array of colors, and you leave the donut shop wanting to turn around and go back for more. Not to mention it makes for a great Instagram shot, am I right?

 If you’re driving through Bellefonte in the early hours of the morning, this is a must for a pick-me-up. Great eats, super atmosphere, and good coffee too. What a treat.

KS red lips isolated in white

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