Magical Makeup Monday: e.l.f. Mask Tool Review

“I had higher expectations for this.”


I know, I know, it came with a $5.00 price tag, but I’m always willing to try something recommended by Kathleen Lights. Unfortunately, this product was not a win for me. The e.l.f. Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool is a dual-ended brush with a mask applicator on one end and a soft brush tip on the other.

My face mask regimen consists of purifying and pore cleansing on Mondays and hydrating/nourishing on Thursdays. Since I’m applying masks 2x a week, I was really excited to hear of a mask applicator made by e.l.f. I love the idea of using a tool for face masks, as this can prove to be a much cleaner option, as well as helping to conserve your product. You don’t spend all day in an office earning cash money to waste your skincare products, do you?

I will admit, I did not test out the pore-refining brush part of this product, because that is not why I bought it. I did try the mask applicator, and I do have some thoughts:

  • Doesn’t distribute product evenly – I had to go over several parts of my face twice, even three times, to produce some sort of even coverage.
  • The silicone applicator seems almost “slippery,” which makes me skeptical of how this would apply a mud mask as well as a foundation brush or your fingers would.
  • It came off streaky. Some parts of my face had a lot of the mask and some places you could see my skin right through it.

Overall, it’s just not consistent. It wasn’t even consistently bad.

Now, I can’t write a critiquing article without providing some alternatives, so I’m happy to report that applying your face mask with a foundation brush, such as the e.l.f. Foundation Brush or the Morphe B85 Flat Foundation Brush, or your fingers will work just as efficiently! I hope this helps anyone else looking into mask applicators, and please share your thoughts with me in the comments below! I am always open to recommendations.

KS red lips isolated in white

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