Fancy Friday: DIY Jewelry Hanger

“I forgot I owned that necklace!”


Do you have that one place you throw all necklaces, rings, and earrings? Could be a small jewelry bag, or a hanger that became much too small. In my case, I had a headless woman in a formfitting black dress with hooks around her body for me to place my necklaces, headbands, rings, etc. Since I’m not 13 years old anymore, that wasn’t going to cut it, as my repertoire of jewelry has expanded a lot in the last decade. I couldn’t place my rings on it because that would take up too many hooks. It worked great for necklaces if you wanted to tangle two together in the same spot. And headbands? Forget about it.

That being said, this might have been the easiest DIY project I have ever completed. For all my girls out there looking to revamp your jewelry display, I’m here to share the wealth!

The supplies I collected for my DIY jewelry hanger:

    • (1) can of spray paint – color of your choosing
    • (2) 1”x3” pieces of wood, each 18” in length
      IMPORTANT: While you’re still in Lowes or Home Depot or wherever you can find the wood, have them cut each plank to a length of 18 inches
    • (1) pack of c-hooks – I chose gold and used 20
    • Drill from your boyfriend, dad, family member, neighbor, etc.
    • Various size screws and drill bits

First, you’ll want to spray paint both planks of wood. I made this jewelry hanger in the summer, so it took about 20-30 minutes for the spray paint to dry in 80 degree weather. Flip the planks to the other side and spray paint all over. It is important to allow the paint to dry completely so that it doesn’t get all over your hands while you are building this later on.

Secondly, you’ll want to take the smaller drill bit and drill holes along the underside of your jewelry hanger where you’d like to place the c-hooks to hang your jewelry. I did a row in the front for rings, and one in the back for my longer items (headbands, necklaces, bracelets). You only want to drill into the wood about ¼ of an inch, since you will be screwing in the c-hooks later on.

Next, drill two screws from the back of the hanger into the front piece to secure both parts together.

Now is when you twist in the c-hooks with your fingers. Since the holes were pre-drilled, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Twist them until they are completely secure and facing the direction you will be hanging jewelry.

The last step is to drill this masterpiece into the wall! If you have a more convenient way of hanging it, you can stop here! Otherwise, after leveling the hanger to the wall and making sure it is balanced, use three screws and drill the jewelry hanger into the wall.


You can choose to cover these screws with FastCaps, but that part isn’t necessary. Otherwise, we are finished!


I hope you enjoyed this at-home DIY and have a bit of inspiration to create your own jewelry hanger! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve made something similar or recommend another organization trick. I am also open to answering any questions that may have come to mind.

KS red lips isolated in white


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