Magical Makeup Monday: December IPSY Bag

“Christmas came early!”


Ipsy seems to have found a way into everyone’s heart… and wallet (mine included). I’m hooked like the majority of the makeup-obsessed community and don’t foresee myself clicking “end subscription” anytime soon. In my bag this month, we have a sample of lip care, something for the eyes/lashes, a multipurpose oil, and a brush. This month’s bag is a 4/5 win for me, as I won’t knock a product until I try it. See my ratings/reviews below!

December’s bag includes:

tarte cosmetics: Deluxe Maracuja Oil

Travel size – $15.00          Regular Size – $48.00

MY THOUGHTS: This is an awesome product! Except the price tag. According to Tarte’s website, Maracuja Oil is a “vegan face oil for a healthy, radiant complexion with no greasy feel.” I couldn’t agree more. I used this oil after my face wash and exfoliator, in place of my nighttime moisturizer. It was recommended to use 2-3 drops for your face and neck, but I could easily use 4-5. This product did exactly what it said it would! My skin felt soft, moisturized, and non-greasy. When I woke up in the morning after the first time using it, I noticed my skin tone evened out a little, and any emerging blemishes were kept at bay. So far, it’s not a miracle worker, but I suspect it might be after a few weeks use.
My official rating: 1 

theBalm Cosmetics: Mad Lash Mascara


MY THOUGHTS: So, I think I like this. But honestly I can’t be too sure yet. See the way the wand is curved? I think if you are using it the correct way (to mimic the shape of your lashes), it works really well. I have used this twice since I got my bag, and for me it seems messy. I got mascara on my lid as well as under my lower lash line and had to reach for the cotton swabs in my bathroom. It wasn’t that thick so that you could really coat your lashes, as that would take a couple of swipes. I will say I like the way my lashes separate using the wand, as I didn’t notice my lashes clumping. It is nice mascara, but it’s not in line with the Too Faced Better than Sex or It Cosmetics Superhero mascaras. And if the consistency isn’t amazing, I don’t think the mess-factor is worth the payoff.
My official rating: .5

mPrincess: Mineral Eyeshadow in Melting Maple


MY THOUGHTS: This surprised me! I wasn’t too sure how I was going to feel about this, as I am a cult-lover of eyeshadows in pans. But let me tell you, this eyeshadow has a “WOW” factor. It is a vibrant shade of a coppery gold. This will stand out on the lids, and will work wonders for your inner half of the eyelid. I would recommend blending a light/medium brown shade into your crease as your transition color, popping this on the inner half of your eyelid, and blending a dark brown onto the outer “v” of your lid. Instant glam!
My official rating: 1

Beau Gâchis: Concealer Brush


MY THOUGHTS: I’m gonna keep this simple – the brush does what it’s supposed to do. Picks up product well and distributes it evenly so that I can blend undereye concealer, cover blemishes, and so forth. Great product in my book and happy to add it to my collection.
My official rating: 1

Hanalei: Lip Treatment


MY THOUGHTS: This lip treatment is… good. It didn’t amaze me or cure my chapped lips in a matter of days. After using a lip scrub before I crawl into bed, this is nice to put on. It’s smooth, soothing, and scentless. You know when you have a lip moisturizer that makes your lips feel plump and kissable in the morning? I didn’t get that sensation here. That being said, it still moisturized to a certain extent. Would I purchase this product? I don’t think so, not when I could spend less money on something similar/better.
My official rating: .5

Don’t forget to review and rate your Ipsy products as a way to earn points towards choosing a FREE BONUS item in your next bag!

In related news: I’m thinking about giving Boxycharm a go around. Any thoughts or recommendations? I’ve seen KathleenLights reveal her boxes for a few months now, and the intrigue is beginning to overwhelm me. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried Boxycharm or any other beauty subscription you think I should try!

KS red lips isolated in white

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