Wanderlust Wednesday: UPenn

“Extraordinary, and simply stunning.”


I owe my first Wanderlust feature to my place of employment, the University of Pennsylvania.

Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia sits the campus of UPenn. Some consider it West Philly, some claim it’s, “Just west of Center City.” For those of you that attended Drexel, Temple, University of the Arts, or maybe the Art Institute of Philadelphia, I’m sure you’ve laid eyes on the gem that is Penn.

Founded in 1740 by George Whitefield and then joined in 1749 by Benjamin Franklin, the school flourished. Penn takes credit for the first student union in the nation, as well as hiring the first woman president of an Ivy League university in 1994 (Judith Rodin). But anyways, enough about facts.

I work full-time as an Event Coordinator at the Perelman Quadrangle on campus. The Perelman Quadrangle is an event center that includes roughly 20-30 venues across campus, and that is not counting classroom spaces. We host conferences, speaker sessions, holiday parties, weddings, bat mitzvahs, and even bridal/baby showers.

Whether you’re here for school, a company event, or even to gaze at the beauty of this university, you will be pleasantly surprised. Penn is a place of graceful authenticity and prime photo ops.

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