Magical Makeup Monday: The World of YouTube

“Where did the last five hours go?”

That’s right, fam, we’re diving into the dense world of YouTube. The realm of endless tutorials, the platform for thousands of beauty vloggers, and an outlet to explore your makeup curiosity.

I have to discuss YouTube because it is where my interest to create this blog stemmed from. I first started with Jaclyn Hill, and made my way to KathleenLights, then Carli Bybel and RachhLoves. The queens. It’s easy to get lost in a smokey eye or nighttime skincare routine, even a blazing highlight with Jaclyn’s Champagne Pop or Kathleen’s collaboration with Makeup Geek. Quickly, you’ll notice a video of intrigue turn into hours of fascination.

I began catching up on old videos: the most popular tutorials and foundation routines. Then I’d check out the original videos where the YouTuber was just starting out; it’s incredible to see the transformation. The improved dialogue of a video and quality of content kept me searching for more. Now I am subscribed to all of these incredible people sharing not only makeup routines, but their life stories. I feel slightly insane considering these online personalities my friends, but it’s hard not to. I wait for the weekly updates and new uploads with the rest of the crowd.

The best thing to come from my YouTubing is the organization of what I like to call my “Makeup Haul.” This is a Google doc I created to keep my wants/needs in check (see “MMM: The Makeup Obsession is Real” for a partial screenshot of what that looks like – detailed blog post to come). Essentially, this is where I detail in categories the products I want to buy and try out over time. If I’m going on a haul – and by haul I mean mini splurge within my means – I will take the day prior to shopping to highlight in yellow my top contenders for purchase. If I tried memorizing every product in a favorites video or Ipsy bag, I wouldn’t be able to function at my day job, ya feel?

I’m sure by now you’re like, “Okay, get to the point.”

My hope is that you will try watching a few videos. What interests you? Full foundation routines? Check out Jaclyn’s. Makeup kit for beginners? RachhLoves has that for you. If you’re looking for great reviews and a sense of humor, you can head to KathleenLights’ page. I guarantee there is a channel for you.
In fact, I stumbled onto this tool recently:
This website takes your hair and eye color, skin tone, and skin undertone and matches you with a beauty blogger or YouTuber! Sometimes following the right beauty guru can help you better understand your own skin.

So that’s my YouTube story! Thanks for tuning in to the beginning of my blogging story.

KS red lips isolated in white

PS – leave me a comment below if you have a favorite YouTuber I didn’t mention! I’m always looking for new inspiration.

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