Fancy Friday: DIY Snow Globes



“I mean… how cute are these?”


‘TIS THE SEASON, am I right? Today we’re making DIY snow globes! Here’s everything you’ll need (and you can find it all at Michael’s!):

  • Some sort of glass/plastic mini bowl, dome, or jar.
  • Fancy cardstock paper – whatever design you prefer that would complement your globe “dwellers.”
  • Fake snow.
  • Miniature Christmas figurines – found mine at Michael’s and they’re called “Merry Minis.”
  • Plastic jewels.
  • Hot glue gun.

Line your characters up and place together in cute and adorable combinations. See mine below:


First thing’s first, turn on the hot glue gun!
Second, cut out your cardstock paper as a base to your snow globe. You can copy my design above, or create your own!
Next, you’re going to glue the miniature figurines to your cardstock base.
Once your figurines are stuck to the cardstock base, add a few pinches of snow to the bottom of your globe. See below:


You can first place your cardstock upside down on top of your globe (with the figurines now inside the globe) and flip it over to see whether the snow has settled the way you prefer. If there is too much, remove some. Too little, add to it! You want to get the amount of snow correct before you continue to glue the globe to the base permanently.
From here, you can place hot glue around the rim of the globe, and stick your base to it. Be careful to let this dry before you turn it back over.


Once your globe is secure to the base, glue any jewel you’d like to the top of the globe!
And then viola!


KS red lips isolated in white

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